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:?: I'm using the RealGTA 3 mod and I want to know if MTA 0.3 will be able to work with it. If you need Info on RealGTA 3 go to


I know that others will not see the same cars as me unless they're using it too. Also what effects does modifying the handling.cfg file have on the other players cars??? If my Banshee is set too 300 and someone elses is set to 240 then will they conflict in some way. If there is, is there some way to make it so that the server has its own handling file that the game will use so that everyones cars work the same??

I have not played MTA 0.2 because I was waiting for 0.3. I have played GOEGTA and if that is anything like what 0.3 is gonna be like then it should rule all. Work hard and give us somethin' good!!!

:twisted: Later :twisted:

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Hello there ,

i saw a Real Gta3 mod for download.But i have 56k and the file was 90mb so it would take forever for me to download. I was just wondering , If that the Real GTA3 mod is 90mb file with new billboards and new cars and lots of other extras ?? and if it is the same mod is it any good and worth downloading ?

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Actually yes, I think its a great mod. It changes like 90% of the cars to acual real life cars. it replaces alot of the billboards to show movies games and other stuf. it also changes some buildings like there is a pizza hut and a burger king and even a coca cola factory. ive play pretty much the whole game with it and have had only a couple problems with it.. some cars are really low and scrape the ground when you brake. If you do decide to download it then be sure to read the readme to install correctly any questions e_mail me at WarlordArchon@aol.com

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I know the pictures on this forum and on the website are from modded cars and maps, but please keep your version of GTA3 clean! Meaning a clean install, and only official updates (patch 1.1). That way, there are going to be no conflicts with collision data, carspeeds, firepower, and so on. If you want to continue using your mods for singleplayer, just make a clean install for GTA3 Multiplayer at a different location. If you want to use your mods in multiplayer without conflicts, you and the rest of the players should have the EXACT same modifications.

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@ Warlord Archon:

What I did was moved my GTAIII folder to another drive and renamed the folder I had my modded GTA3 in to E:\...\GTAIIICLONE\ and the I was able to install another copy on my C:\ that way I have one for MP and one for my personal experimenting and sadistic pleasures...

@ Everyone:

Another good mod is Rockstar Heights which also mods the main.scm file (wont work in MP) which adds a house on a new island near the Portland Docks that you can go inside and also serves as a save point. I have edited the original textures of it to include portraits of me and my friends on the inside and customized it like I do with any other mod I get offa the net. Search for that mod, it's pretty damn cool...

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