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MTA:VC 0.2 Feature list

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What have we started so far:

*32 players

*name tags + health status

*optimized netcode

*team selection


*passenger system

*screenshot function

*key bindings

*more vehicles devided over both islands

*trainer prevention

What will not be in 0.2:

*walking animation

*weapons on the hunter

*drive by shooting

0.2 is an extention of 0.1. We put a lot of small functions that make multiplayer so more enjoyable. Gameplay is only affected by the fact you can choose teams now. New gamemodes will be for a later version

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weee we are almost there 2 little specs and boom !

btw: the crawling on the ground is fixed ?

ah and what is the core 0.3.1 ?

i haven't yet said it because i was on vacations when vc 0.1 was released ... but hey we've got something good now ... i now play multiplayer gta3 !!!! thanks guys !

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the crawling on the ground is fixed ?

That would be a negative :(

The "crawling" issue is actually the character playing dead, and it is still often there. It fixes itself the first time a new animation is done (jump, shooting, etc...) or when you run into the player yourself. So if you see someone on the ground playing dead, but moving, just run into them :P

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