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MTA in aussie gaming mag!

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You like it? :) Thanks, i'm wrote this :) In October magazine i'm writing about MTA:VC and it not smaller then about MTA. I will send you scan too.

Thank you for your work. :)

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Guys, are you online everytime? :) Here is wery bad translation of article. I'm trying to translate it without of russian words many time. This is very hard :) And sorry for little critics :wink:

Multi Theft Auto

Bases of game in GTA 3 on a network and through internet

GTA 3 - a unconditional hit. Unique and very serious lack of game - absence multiplayer a mode. However in GTA 3 it is possible to play on a network and even through Internet. But how to adjust normal connect and to be connected to the multiplayer game?!

Script archeology

Right after output(exit) GTA 3 fans have issued a plenty of utilities for favourite game. Among them there was also utility GXT editor, intended for editing the game text. This program was used by players basically for renaming machines. But once users have come across interesting lines in scripts games....

May, 23, 2002.

In the Network there is an information that at a code there are the lines concerning a network mode! It were the latent items(points) of the menu - Gamespy, Multiplayer, Hostgame, Findgame and Connection24. Still the set of "dust" which developers have overlooked to clean(remove) then was found: fields for input of the address of the server, ping field. Hardly later developers have explained, these lines of a code whence have undertaken...

The not Come true plans

Initially DMA (nowadays Rockstar North) planned to make multiplayer the major part of GTA 3. But the idea was not realized, because guys from Rockstar did not like how the network mode will look. They wanted something more exclusive for so powerful series. Therefore development multiplayer was stopped halfway. From here and "dust" in scripts. Certainly, users right after an output(exit) of game were threw on Rockstar. Conferences and post addresses of the company were broken off from angry messages - you see multiplayer promised, but have not made. But Rockstar have remained are cold to ??? and to damnations. Was not patches, addons. But all were indignant not. Those who did not shout, were divided(shared) into two groups: optimists and programmers. The first, put on pink glasses, waited, when Rockstar at last will issue multiplayer addon, whereas programmers.. .. However, about them separate conversation. Creators of the virtual worlds...

February, 12, 2003.

The unknown group of enthusiasts - programmers led by certain IJsVogel publishes on a site http://www.gta3am.tk news... About an output(exit) network a style for GTA 3! To tell the truth, efficient this of styles to name it was difficult, but the beginning of epoch Multi Theft Auto (the name of the project) was necessary.

??? ?.IA: the Big HOPES

the First version the style has caused the present furor among users. In day after publication of news a site the style was already inaccessible - so much to people trying to connect on a resource. All wanted to look at a miracle - only to look while there are nothing. Updating allowed to play simultaneously only to two users and only on lan. In game it was impossible to go on foot to run each other on car, to see real model of the automobile of the opponent. It was impossible to send messages (chating). Game terribly lags, because synchronization (real time synchronization) was not released. As a matter of fact, it and game to name it was impossible. One mockery. That the instruction on installation only cost! We shall result an example - creation of model of the player: " On the server you should sit in the automobile (unimportantly what type), then immediately to leave from automobile/now automobile which you just have left, will be the automobile of your contender) then to sit in other automobile/it already your automobile). Now the client should make the same, then both should press Crl+F12 ". But all this was not so important. gamers, having learned(found out), that in favourite game will be possible to be cut on a network and through Internet, were ready to wait.

??? 0.2a: Still ahead

the Command of programmers the new domain http: // multitheftauto.com has appreciablly extended, has appeared, the site on beautiful graphic Web engine. has left the second version of updating March, 2, 2003 was made. The spectrum of opportunities in the new version a style has appreciablly increased.

The set of bugs a network code was corrected, search of the server through IRC and a chat for dialogue has appeared. Before the beginning of game it was possible to discuss with the opponent through chat. However all as was impossible to get out of machines and to go on foot. In the given version a style it was already possible to play normally. Developers promised to make version ?.?b more stable, having corrected all found earlier bugs, having added game modes new and at last having added an opportunity to move on foot on virtual city. ??? About ?b:

MIRACLES of the THIRD version

Third version Multi Theft Auto gamers waited most of all, and as to spite, she(it) all did not appear in any way. March, 15, 2003 it was declared, that ??? ?.?b it is almost ready, but bad news later have started to act. That at developers the computer the network coder fell ill with a flu broke. While the output(exit) of the new version a style was postponed, on a site there were announcements of innovations. Gamers simply thew, reading on a page of developers of the name of new modes of network game: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Liberty City Survivor (Last Man Standing), Freeze Tag, Speed (on film "Speed").

April, 25 the counter on a site showed more than 90 % of readiness a style. The set of screenshots, made was published during testing, the announcement about an output(exit) also was published. But something was not glued - and updating still remained in development.

But, at last, May, 30 ??? ?.?? it was laid out for downloading...

The Third version has made revolution. Now game supported up to 21 players both on a network, and at game through Internet. Gamers had an opportunity to see each other at driving and at walking. Two groupings of players on the spot have appeared: Diablos and Mafia (differ automobiles).

Day today's

At present ??? ?.?b - the latest and stable version multiplayer updatings. And still she(it) still is far from perfect. In game a plenty bugs. At any moment the plane can drop out of your machine or some more any object of the game world. Rather frequently you see the opponent going on foot, and it(he) actually goes in the automobile. Very seldom it is possible to meet in fight with each other as the error of accommodation of players makes some meters, therefore to get in the opponent difficultly. At machines structures frequently drop out; explosions, a smoke and bullets are switched - off owing to decrease(reduction) of charges of the traffic. But the log all the same remains constant "attribute" gameplay - the machine of the opponent does not go, and twitches, and it at 10mb lan. In Internet the situation is even worse - game without ceremony can take off in Windows with a mistake. But all this nonsense in comparison with pleasure which can be received from a joint abrupt pique with comrade by two planes or races on brisk highways on speed limit... The Majority gamers, having felt all of charm network gameplay, do not notice bugs and strong lags.

After article is going instruction how to install MTA. I think you don?t interesting in that ;)

If you will not understand some thing I will try to understand you. I will try :lol:

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there was also a small article in PCPowerPlay (another australian magazine... they work in the same office as Hyper :P) also, they included mta for gta3 on their DVD in issue 91...

i cant find the review atm... when i do, i will write it up for you (i dont have a scanner)

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