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MTA TEAM, I think got the solution to get rid of Trainer!!!!

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This post is mainly for the MTA team, but I want other people to tell me what they think too. :)

:idea: I think I have a solution to get rid of cheating/trainers in the game for MTA:VC 0.2. I have looked at other forms saying that people think that they should put all the stats like health, armor, and ammo on the server side. But I think that that would just add more lag to the servers and make the game play a bit slower. :evil:

I downloaded the trainer myself along with others to see if I could fine a way to disable them. So far the only trainer that I know of that works in MTA:VC, is the one with the jetpack/transporter, and not even all the cheats on that one work anyway because of some of the main cheat blocking the MTA Team already made.

I have seen cases like this before, and I think a way to disable that trainer is to have blocked the name title. For example, the name title for that trainer is “GTA Vice Ultimate Trainer” or “GTA Vice Ultimate Trainer By LithJoe.” What you can do is to make the MTA Client search if that program is running on the computer. It can do this by running a search on what is on the windows task manager. If it finds it running, you can make a pop up saying, “Please close your trainer and try again” Then once they close their trainer, and try again, the MTA Client will search if the trainer is running and when its not, everything will be fine. You can also probably make it so if they start the trainer after starting the game if will catch it too.

Let me know what you guys think! :mrgreen:

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