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Holy shit gta vc and gta 3 for x-box has officaly ben u kno


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Evil, you're not right.. WineX emulates the game but runs the game only in a low FPS.. the real xbox version if probably running even faster, although i don't know what the normal amount of FPS is for an xbox

i guess that's no MTA for now since it wont run in WineX

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as nice as that may look i still wont buy it i only play vc/gta3 for the game play visuals dont realy make a diff to me unless its a huge improvement from like say blocks to circles:) yeah mta dont work on winex thats a shame would of realy enjoyed playing online from my living room :P maybe one day it could be possible till then i pretend peds are players :)

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ya, really... lets just hope they don't add MP too... That'd just piss me off.
i would have to agreee :P if they do more than likely its for xbox live and i cant use it :( hey you guys do know there is an xbox emu right? so it wont be long before this is added to it :D
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