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Hello guys,

While I am happy that chatbox got rid of that background, chatbox texts have only shadow, not an outline like in SA-MP. That makes text unreadeble if background has the same color. What do you think about this? And SA-MP-s anti alias is better.

The more important thing is: In the chatbox typing area we cannot use cut copy paste and arrow keys. So if I wrote a wrong letter in the beginning of a long sentence, I have to delete it all. In SA-MP It can be easily done with two or three keys.

Also, we cannot use "up" key to bring previous commands we typed. I am tired of writing all the time.

I am not a fanboy of them. But these are currently preventing me from playing MTA. I want to play MTA! I've already broken a mouse because of anger of this. If this is a design feature, can a developer tell me the reason?


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I use page up button.

EDIT: For comamnds ye in console it is arrow up key. I thoguht you was thinking about chat. My mistake. In normal chat you can't do it like in samp. The chat doesent "remembers" the last thing that you typed.

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If this is about the T+Up thing on SA:MP where you goto the last thing(s) said, I say no.


People abuse it way to much on SA:MP. Its a nice Idea at first, But the ammount of abuse of it on SA:MP puts you off of it forever.

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It would probably be worth replacing the input line with an appropriately designed CEGUI editbox, would allow for much greater flexibility. It's just a shame you have to worry about other limitations such as font and text size.

The console does facilitate most of the things you describe though, in the mean time.

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