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ps2 , xbox or gamecube?


ps2, xbox , gamecube  

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  1. 1. ps2, xbox , gamecube

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i dont think there crap at all....if gta 3 was a flop on ps2 where would the series be now? it wouldnt exist.....i like all systems the same, i have a ps2 and gamecube and will get an xbox by the time conker live and uncut comes out

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x box only sells because of halo innit ?? i cant think of any other good x box games i would like on my ps2
hmm not realy most of the people who bought it was for the reason that it could be modded just like a pc and a decent pc for the price you pay :) so if your realy into modding things xbox all the way!
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I have a PS2, but it was given to me as a gift. The only reason Microsoft gets money is through licensing royalties hidden in game purchases. Buying JUST and XBox is a massive loss to Microsoft. They subsidize the cost of the console in hopes of making it back with licensing on the games sold for it. This is why I bought JUST an XBox. I guess it sends a nice "screw you". I've got a SNES emulator running on my XBox, and that is all I really use it for.

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don't you mean PC all the way?

yeah in a way i do:) well ever since day one that i got my xbox ive been modding it left and right hell its a lot more funner than my pc its kinda cool turning a gaming console into a pc:) its allready a pc just needs a kick start hehe
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i cant believe you people, you think ps2 is better than xbox?

Holy shit major brain tumor.... someone blow up texas.

The ps2 is nowhere NEARRRRRRR xbox.

And gamecube.... Leave it to the Age<10 please.... Nintendo has gone to the children.

A Real mans console is Xbox. You just have so many more features

Check out my post on my forums with the XBOX,PS2 Pro/Con list.


As meD Said it, XBOX SHITS ALL OVER THE PS2, And leaves a few leftovers.

Ps2 = Bunch of games, rushed out to ammount massive totals

XBOX= few games, Quality ones though.

You say halo is only one good uve head of. thats because you got your head so far stuck up sonys ass to play an xbox and see the games..

Theres lot of games, fun ass ones at that, but halo was jus so awesome overall, that it gets all the attention.

So, get your life back, start making your own choices, and give sonys ass a break..


Microsoft hasnt hurt my business, I have no reason to hate them, voice your own thoughts, and stop following everyone elses thoughts.

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