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Car spawn by house.

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Hi , im using the Hous_system resource, but i need a script if anyone buy a car, the car spawn by the home of the owner.

Is this possible in mta?

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All is possible in MTA but you have to script it ...

You have to found the position where the car have to be spawned for each house and "attach" this information to the house element

( by a setElementData( yourHouse, "SpawnX, yourXPosition ), setElementData( yourHouse, "SpawnY, yourYPosition ), setElementData( yourHouse, "SpawnZ, yourZPosition ) )

Then when a player buy a car, you have to get his house and get the X,Y,Z position with getElementData

Then create his car to those coordinates.

It's not very easy for a novice to make this system :|

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instead of using a seperate element data for each pos. Use setElementData(yourHouse, "carPos", "PosX, PosY, PosZ", true) with "gettok"

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