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realistic voice chat

Guest scottak

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I have yet to see a game with real voice chat. meaning that if someone is in range meaning 40 to 50 feet distance radius or what ever distance works best. this would make on line voice real unlike CS's team only chat. Be the first, this game deservs the best online action and realism rocks. :twisted:

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team speak is nice but i like to taunt my victims just as well, and i know there not going to log onto roger wilco to hear me taunt them. There should always be a feature to turn some one off if they bother you, but voice is a great way to meet people online. roger wilco is for friends who use it. Build it into the game so every one has it to use. It so upsets me that they still make multiplayer games without voice chat. Microsoft got it right with there online xbox but the stupid monthly fees turn me off.

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I get what scottak is saying

and i under stand y it shood not be in the game it self

but there shood be a Official MTA:VC and MTA:3 Team Speak Server Setup 24 7 if theres not one all raddy i all raddy host one for my clan now but i cood host a demo of how it shood look

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