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Upcoming Tournament !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do You Think The Clans Should Disable Radar For The Tournament ??  

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  1. 1. Do You Think The Clans Should Disable Radar For The Tournament ??

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:? Hopefully this thread wont disapear as xerox said he wudnt get rid of it...

Anyway, Time to get your gang into some battles and earn the respect u deserve.

Until the next release is out the rules will be as follows.....

The battles will take place with 5 members of each clan, Similar to the battle Blasta and VCK had the match will be decided by the gangs splitting up and after 5mins the game begins, everyone gets 1 life per round when u die and respawn you cannot leave the car park and if u crash out its hard luck, the winner of the round will be decided when 1 clan or person is left standing, there will be 3 or 5 rounds per battle. There will be a referee in the game to ensure no cheating goes on and that nobody joins the game after dying. Helicopters will not be allowed during the battle, the referee will use a helicopter to keep an eye over the match.

If you feel these rules arent fair or if there is anything i have missed out please feel free to contribute your ideas.

So please if you have a clan contact me or visit the site ASAP so we can have some battles.

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GMT is gonna have to be sorted out, most gangs are gonna be in USA no doubt,

But ... The battles could be played in home and away timezones to make it a bit fairer.

looks to be BLASTA, VCK, VCS, SM so far....

Also the league needs a gd server... so if anyone can help contact me

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--vck and blasta--

shoulda figured it out by now, but as some of you know im kinda slow, rhyming accidentally some times, and was confused about the sigs that say BLASTA and VCK i was all like "WTF" and confused, like i said before. that sentence was horrible. i will make the next one better. From this point on, i will remember that vck and blasta are family. see that was pretty good huh?

*goat is disturbed that irc is this far in his mind so soon

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ok Hope u lot are ready for some battles , we looking to set up the first tournament

Just post on here if you want to join also post ur timezone so we can work out the battle times, will have to be done on the weekend as well so maybe next saturday/sunday for it ?!?!?

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Still i have no idea when the new release is out, but the league will b opening soon, we were hoping to start it in ver 0.1 but we have put it back so we cud develop the clan

hope to see all ur clans in it and if you could either post on here or visit our FORUM to show your interest i would be grateful

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We trying to get a tournament set up ASAP !!!!!!

Post in here saying ur entering it.........


5 players will be playing per clan

Servers will have NOBODY but 5 from each clan and a referee

Will Be based on last man standing

3 Rounds per game

Games will be played on the weekend to try to balance Timezones

Clans will Split up at start to seperate meeting points

3minutes to get loaded up before the round starts

If a player crashes out its just tough luck

They cannot re-enter till nxt round

NO Flaming while playing save it till after

NO Choppers untill next release

NO CHEATING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any player caught cheating will result in thier team losing


So make sure u have a clean GTAVC before starting

VCS and VCSA will be taking part and maybe VCSNA if they get 3 more members by the battle.

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