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how are kills going to work in .2?


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well as we all know, there is no scoreboard now, and it says you kill people when you dont etc.

assuming thats worked out, do you get a kill for killing someone in a car? how about if you catch it on fire and they blow up? running someone over? what if multiple people are shooting someone in a car and it blows up? last bullet to hit the car?

also, will servers be able to set a score limit so it restarts when someone gets a certain kill #, like in fps games?


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There will be a scoreboard in mta 0.2, but as for registering of kills, that is very hard to do.

Since you can kill and be killed in so many ways its hard to determine who did what.

EG - you accidentally blow up a car and die, which sets someone on fire, they die, then set another person alight causin them to die

Who gets the points for the kill - the same goes for, could the game work out that you bailed from the car sending someone into the river causing someone to die, or that you hit them, and then they died etc

It will be worked on, but dont expect anything perfect for a while.

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Instead of having kills, as it seems quite hard

what about statistics, like how many bullets fired, and actually hit someone or someone in a car? not really sure how this could be useful, but mebbe it could be after 10 minutes the person with the highest bullets fired + highest accuracy could win?

that way it involves skill (i guess?) instead of just going in with a heavy machine gun thingy

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a frag total that when reached makes someone a 'winner' and forces a restart is not suitable for mta, for games such as UT and Quake yes, as they are out and out shooters. Gta and therefore mta are so much more than that. Unparalleled freedom of action and play style is a cornerstone of the series and this will be maintained. Racers and stunters arent going to like having their carefully setup stunt areas reset just because some trigger happy guy wasted a bunch of people for instance.

What is likely to happen however is game modes/ mini games (when included in later releases) that are of the DM/CTF/KOTH type will have a target to reach which will at that point announce a winner and reset to zero, but this will only effect that particular area/arena/game, not the entire 'world' that is running parralell.

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