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I was looking for any resource (script) that can capture the game process like in CS. I tried to search but didn't find anything on the forum. Sorry if im making another theard. So is there something like that? I mean we'r trying to find something that can capture clanwars for making some cool videos there. If someone don't know how it's works in CS it captures all the game process and you can run it after the match an rotate/move cameras and choose between players...

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Well, unfortunately you can't do that here.:(

I always wonder how the devs make some sort of demo capturer in the GoldSource engine games (HL, CS, and so on)

Even if it is scriptable, it would be very hard!

Your only hope for recording is a video. I'm sorry for this.

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Yea a thougt that would be hard. I remember in 2008 Devs were talking about that stuff. I think it's died somewhere)

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