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VC in Linux (via WineX)

Guest senectus

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I have WineX 3.1, and it has Vice City support. I have not tried MTA yet. Besides, my GTA installation is on my windows drive. This makes it difficult because my WineX "c_drive" is labeled as C:.

Who needs rpm when Gentoo can emerge it all for you :twisted::twisted::twisted:

Please note: Make sure your specific video card drivers are updated to the latest version. I had trouble running my games because I had the old "nv" driver installed instead of the new "nvidia" driver with OpenGL support.

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The problem with rpm remains to be dependencies. The thing that makes Gentoo the best is its emerging system. When you install a new program, it automatically retrieves all of its dependencies for you; this saves time. Also, the emerging system always works. I have never had an emerge fail. You can easily upgrade any software with emerge as well. It is a very clever system, better than the "ports" system that comes with FreeBSD. The Gentoo emerge system has support for almost every single program anyone has ever heard of, so you can easily install any program you want, with the use of a very simple command :-)

I like the fact that Gentoo's make.conf lets you specify the specific processor you have. That's cool :D

As for SuSE, I used it before installing Gentoo. It was very easy to use, perfect for the introduction to linux. Once I learned more about linux (Setting up my BSD gateway, running someone else's half-life servers which are on a Redhat machine, plus installing SuSE), I switched to Gentoo. Still use it, still love it. It always works.

rant> :shock: :shock: :shock:

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