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Suggestions for improving GUI

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This is how i would view the ultimate user friendly gooey er i mean GUI.:



Note: the same game setup thing would be done for CTW as well as any other game modes

Also: cool BG pics could be added to add the MTA-ish-ness effect of .02 and .03

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Here's my proposed GUI(guey) :).

My main critism of the current gui is there are to many, buttons/controls on one form it looks overly complicated. The first rule of a good gui is simplistity.

Let me talk you through it

GTA3:MTA Window :-

- Join Game by IP : Shows the IP entry dialog

- Join Game with ASE : Launches All seeing Eye

- Host Game : Hosts a game and shows the Game dialog

- Player Setup : Takes you to a player setup dialog (set name, model gta3 path etc.)

Game window, shown as "Hosting game "Croyx' l33t game" mode=Deathmatch"

- Players : Lists the players in the game, user can select and kick users by using the kick user button

- Server Options : Set all your various game options here

- Settings : Shos the player setup dialog, alows user to change there name

- Launch Game : Runs GTA3

- Change team : Switchs RED/BLUE or Cops/Criminal, team is indicated by the color of the Players name in the player list.

- Chat : Allows users to chat

When you join a game the server options will be Grey out as only the host can change them.


Hope this was useful ...

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I like the layout on those pics GTAtari, nice work. I agree it would look better like that. But it's all about functionality for now, maybe they should have a look at those pics for future versions, though.

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Thanks trx

CroxyBoy: so are you suggesting a sort-of wizard?

Iggy: Editing the original GTA3 exe is illeagle.. techinically the GTA3 exe is proterty of R* and its copyrighted. you can however edit the RAM that gta3 runs in.. thats how it moves the other players in the MOD.. if that was also illeagle, there'd be no MTA

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Now you may not edit it, but you can make a patch to patch the gta3.exe file. THe only problem is that u can't edit an exe fine without having the sourcecode, so it would be impossible to code.

btw I don't see the problem of an external program. You should have a launch game button though

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