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How do you make "REPLAY" disappear for .rep files

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yeah, i started using the .rep files, and you are right, you can get the best camera angel that way. plus, you can focus on stunting and just hit f2 when you are done. but yeah... anyone know about free adobe premiere transistions/filters/anything? there are alot of filters but im tired of them...

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it sounded like a good idea, so i went to fool around some and found out you cant use a TXD editor for this, since that's for icons and such, but must use a GXT editor, which is for TEXT. open the american.gxt file, look in "MAIN" for the "REPLAY" and delete it's text, that's all. funny thing is, with that tool you could also replay with ur own text ^^

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does gxt editor work with mta 2.2 ?

yes it does, just take off read only attributes of the TEXT folder (vice city dir).

+in the gxt editor im using u have to type in the whole location e.g: c:\rockstar games\vice city\text\american.gxt

hope i could help ya :) if u still got an error than post what the error says

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