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[REL] CrazyStats v1.0


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This resource adds stats system to your web-site (clan,personal site), that includes:






-Average Ping

-Average FPS

-Total time on server

You can sort stats by any parameter you wan't

Statistic page updates when:

-When player killed/died

-When player exited server/logged out from account

-When resource stops

What you need to install:

1. MySQL DB with REMOTE access

2. MTA Server

3. Installed module MTA-MySQL (http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Modules/MTA-MySQL)

4. WebServer with PHP support

How to install

1. Download PHP side(http://xtremex.ru/server/server/gta-eng.zip)

2. Download statistic resource http://xtremex.ru/server/server/crazy-stats.zip

3. Unzip PHP archive

4. Create DB

5. Import DB(using phpMyAdmin or any other DB managing tool) that you can find in PHP folder of unziped archive (player.sql)

6. Upload other files to WebServer

7. Open index.php and edit DB settings to yours

8. Install MTA-MySQL module

9. Install resource

10. Edit first 4 lines in server.lua to yours DB settings

11. Start resource

12. ?????


Something you must to read:

-This resource will be updated with some new features

-If you wan't to be in stats, you must register first on server /register name password and then login by /login name password

-Names in statistic is not your NICK, that is your LOGIN name

-Statistic updates only when you logged in


-Crazy - Lua Scripter

-Skillz - PHP Scripter

Special thanks to:



All sources open, so you can edit this at your own, but if you will delete copyrights, i'm gonna kick your ass!

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