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hey Guys

Some months ago I had made a server, With a normal ACL only changed for 3 different levels;

- Moderator

- SuperModerator

- Admin

The command 'nextmap' works on the aclGroup 'Admin' and 'SuperModerator', But not on 'Moderator'.

After a few weeks I got some question from my moderators, They wanted to have the ability to use the command 'nextmap'

I've tried to add at the FTP (internet one), to put it as a command 'command.nextmap'

But it still didn't work, I've been thinkin' and thinkin' But it didn't work..

So Now my question is;

How Can I Enable 'Nextmap' at the ACL of 'Moderators'?

Ps. My ScriptingSkills are so bad I dont want to have an answer like 'Script it' :P, I want an relevant answer

Contact: killerbeeex (my xfire), (my msn)


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To edit this go to your race resource

Open the file racevoting_server.lua

Then search for this:


Then edit the whole function to this:

    function( player, command, ... ) 
        local query = #{...}>0 and table.concat({...},' ') or nil 
        if not query then 
            if g_ForcedNextMap then 
                outputRace( 'Next map is ' .. getMapName( g_ForcedNextMap ), player ) 
                outputRace( 'Next map is not set', player ) 
        local admin = false 
        if isPlayerInACLGroup(player, g_GameOptions.admingroup) or isPlayerInACLGroup(player, "Moderator") then 
            admin = true 
        if not _TESTING and admin == false then 
        local map, errormsg = findMap( query ) 
        if not map then 
            outputRace( errormsg, player ) 
        if g_ForcedNextMap == map then 
            outputRace( 'Next map is already set to ' .. getMapName( g_ForcedNextMap ), player ) 
        g_ForcedNextMap = map 
        outputChatBox('Next map set to ' .. getMapName( g_ForcedNextMap ) .. ' by ' .. getPlayerName( player ), g_Root, 0, 240, 0) 

After this reload the race resource, and even Moderators can use the command

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