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hey man(s) !

This site Kiks @ss!!!!

I read about it in tha paper(condrats)

Just wundering about the screen shot for 0.2, there was a fighter plane and like i have 0.2 and am not sure about dat !

Is that sumthing u guys just download, is it in the mod , im not sure!!!

I also have a stealth fighter on my game instead of the dodo plane!! (it kiks ass!!!) and if u did download it where???

and 1 last thing, All the xtra cars and stuff, like will they over right the cars cuz like i got heaps of downloaded cars and stuff. Wil there be internet play in 0.3???

Thanks guys!!!!!!

bomer Ü

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ur a bigger noob then i am, .2 already had internet play and what whould overwrite ur precious cars? all it is is a program it doesnt come wit all the origanal cars just to put back over your downloaded ones, that had to be the stupidest question evre u asked.

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