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MTA CRASHING? Read here first!

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If your MTA crashes on startup or during the game, then first of all you should visit the list of known crash types (link) and search for a match with the crash offset from your crash dialog (example: "Offset = 0x003F0BF7" > copy and search for 0x003F0BF7). Incase your particular crash is listed in the table, the reason for said crash and resolution info is provided on that page, right behind the crash offset.

Note: most people will think "oh, nah, probably not relevant to me", but crashes with known reasons that are listed, together make up 85% of all MTA crashes globally, and most support is requested for clarified crashes. So for the sake of getting a faster fix, we recommend really taking this step.

If your crash isn't listed, then download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. If MTADiag will not run for you, download & install Visual C++ 2017 runtimes (using this link, download automatically starts)

Then create a topic in this section (Client support) and post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you in there.

If for some reason MTADiag does not function, do the following before creating a new topic:

If installing those does not fix the problem, try:

  • Delete the gta_sa.set file located in the GTA San Andreas User Files in your Documents folder/library (Windows Vista and 7 users) or My Documents directory (Windows XP users)
  • Check in your GTA San Andreas installation directory for a D3D9.dll. If one is present, delete it.
  • Ensure that your GTA San Andreas installation is not modded in any way. If it is - please uninstall, then reinstall GTA San Andreas first before installing MTA: San Andreas. While MTA can cope well with most mods, this will exclude the chance some funky mod is causing problems without a long troubleshooting process to determine which specific mod the culprit is. Please note that the more (type of) SA mods you have, the higher the risk for stability issues; MTA has a high tolerance for things it's not designed to be compatible with, but it has its limits.
  • We cannot guarantee support if you're using a modded installation while running into problems.

Also include any error messages that may appear when your MTA:SA crashes; either copy and paste of the crash log or a screenshot is fine.

Thank you!

Note: If you want to read more about MTADiag or report issues while using this tool, go here:

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