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custom blip help

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ok so ive been attempting to understand the custom blip resource but ive gotten no where. im under the assumption its the resource and not me becuase ive tryed to load the examples that the mta wiki provided. idk why but the gui custom blip works but when i attempt to use the blips using .pngs i cant seem to get the blip to show up. i tryed everything and even named my icon, icon.png

addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), 
        exports.customblips:createCustomBlip ( 0,0, 20, 20, "icon.png" ) 

i have a meta to and included the file src="icon.png" and nothing. my file is 24x24 large so its not the icon. ive played around with the coordinates and still nothing. can anyone shed some light?

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Are you sure that png file is in the same folder as script and everything is correct? Check it again, as I see no error so far. :shock:

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