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Hi im kinda new and i needed some1s help my problem is:

i use a "p-login" system

Which says when i register an account unknown error accured:

and on the console it Comes Out with

:Warning p-login\script.lua:42: Access denied @ "addaccount"

:Warning p-login\script.lua:43: Bad argument @ "login"

i have also did this in the settings:

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You should parse admin rights for this resource. How can you do this? Open ACL.xml file located in your 'server/mods/deathmatch' directory, find the next line:


and put the next thing below:

 name="resource.p-login" />

So the final result will look like:

name="Admin">  name="Moderator" />  name="SuperModerator" />  name="Admin" />  name="RPC" />   name="resource.admin" />   name="resource.webadmin" />   name="resource.p-login" /> >


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For better security you make an ACL specifically for that resource that way the resource will only have access to what it needs (account stuff (addAccount, login)) etc rather than giving that resource full admin meaning it could have hidden code which could do some really bad things.

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