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Server list spam


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14 hours ago, i,xAhmed said:

My server name: [WnAsH-Time]●[ وناسة تايم ]●[ هجولة وحرب ]●[W.T]~~[KSA_سعودي]~
My server IP:


Fake Server Name : [WnashTime] RolePlay v2.2 [ وناسة تايم, حياة واقعية ] [W.T] KSA @ Wnash.Net

Fake server IP:


You reported this situation multiple times both in posts and spammed PM's (which you received a forum warning for, months ago) and like we have informed you about earlier (by mentioning you) it has previously been investigated as visible on the edited post here: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/26205-server-list-spam/?do=findComment&comment=905587

Just for the record (screenshot of the outcome) incase it gets edited by your adversary;



Therefore, the owner of server you are trying to report right now is known (@xNawaf) and while we believe you (@i,xAhmed) were the original and xNawaf's servers started copycatting around 2015, MTA staff isn't going to get involved with this situation for reasons described in the previous investigation; the lines are just too blurred, in 3+ years of time things could have happened that we don't know of, relating to the ownership of the split community called WnasH. There are 2 streams of this community and each one has gathered their own following that believes they are playing on the original, and we're not going to mess with that without knowing the history before 2014 (which we don't), after which things went awry between ownership parties.

Because the owner of your adversary server is known (as said above), you should try to work it out with them instead of us. It would be misplaced for MTA staff to interfere in a dispute that has been going on for more than 3 years and a situation that created multiple 'true' realities as a result of your communities splitting. I hope you understand that no matter how often you try to report this situation, we're unable to help as was clear from earlier review of the case. You have gotten this answer multiple times so we demand this to be the last.


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On 04/10/2018 at 22:57, Mr.Falcon said:
[Lions Arabs]~⦁~[اسود العرب]~⦁~[هجولة وحرب]~⦁~[M.H]

My server  :  mtasa://


[Lions Arabs]~⦁~[اسود العرب]~⦁~[هجولة وحرب]~⦁~[M.H]

fake server  : mtasa://

[Lions Arabs]~⦁~[اسود العرب]~⦁~[هجولة وحرب]~⦁~[M.H]

fake server : mtasa://

[Lions Arabs]~⦁~[اسود العرب]~⦁~[هجولة وحرب]~⦁~[M.H]

fake server : mtasa://





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Our server: Vultaic - DM/OS/DD/Race/Shooter/Training/TDM Combat/Tuning @vultaic.com (mtasa://
Fake one: Harley Davidson - Destruction Derby [/DD/TDD/FT/ENG/TG/3R/RANDOM/Vultaic/CAR/PvS/BHD] (mtasa://


Screenshot below explains the situation itself I guess.



Thanks in advance.

They stopped the violation shortly after you reported it

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Real: mtasa://

Fake: mtasa://

Fake server uses identical name.





yours: "Russian RPG: New Criminal World | RPG | TDM | Role Play | Economy"

theirs: "Russian RPG:Role Play |Заходи не стесняйся!"

The phrase "Russian RPG" is too generic to protect. If they added "New Criminal World" it would be a different story, but right now you've got to be kidding me as this is unreasonable.

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Problem: Server impersonating my server which is shut down as of 1 January (https://forum.gamenet.ga/topic/919/pending-shutdown).
Fake server IP:
Desired solution: Blacklisting from the Master server list. Is an altogether blacklist of the name "GameNet.ga" possible?

I'm the owner of GameNet.ga MTA server community. We have decided to shut down our servers at January 1st of this year.

An announcement of that is here on our site: https://forum.gamenet.ga/topic/919/pending-shutdown

Our main server name was as follows: "GameNet.ga || 100% Roleplay Server || NEW IP!". The "NEW IP!" part had been there for years. We've changed our IPs back in 2015, but we never removed it from the server name.

Now it's been a few days in January, and there is a server now with exactly our name. I've tried to contact the hosting company "Soking-host.us" through the contact form of their site, but I did not receive an answer.

This server features scripts that were partially leaked in 2015, which are in hands of some old players from our server. Especially the login-panel is exactly the same as ours. I'm concerned that old players of our server join in to this server and log in with their GameNet usernames and passwords. This is what bothers me most.



We (as in GameNet.ga) have had quite some similar inquiries in the past.

  • Back in 2015 and 2016 servers popped up with the stolen scripts. Back then, Arc_ helped me to get these servers removed from the master list.
  • In 2018 the servers with stolen scripts popped up. They used various names, ranging from GamerZZone, EvilZone, DeadZone, ... They were actually different from GameNet.ga. I've made different attempts to contact MTA mods, but as Arc_ neither Woovie were nowhere to be found I gave up. Eventually DutchMan101 helped us through Discord.
    Because there were plenty of servers with stolen scripts, because they moved from IP and ports quite quickly with the help of their host, DutchMan101 told me that he won't help me again in the future unless there are new reasons to do so.

In my opinion, this is clearly a different case, because they are not hosting the stolen scripts under a stolen name, but call their servers the same as ours. The name features "GameNet.ga", which is the name of our MTA Gaming Community since 2016.

DONE (servers with offending names will now have that part trimmed out automatically)

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  • ~|Vr|~ Vida Sobre Ruedas 7.8 OFICIAL Freeroam|Vinilos|Zombies|Argentina|Latino|Español|

hello again forgive me again contact him with the problem peer to the previous yesterday I realize that a person is using the same name of my server and posing as original adding that he uses my game name and a friend and also is passed by me I say that supposedly I believe it but it is not like that because he is present with me on my server I have pictures of everything as proof please help me and do not sprime once this happens to me please help


There is a couple of photos as proof

the server that my server copies have hosting







You PMed me about this situation before posting here, and I explained you why we won't get involved with this matter (we have previously).

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I would like to report about a Fake Server that using My server name !

Real Server: mtasa://

Fake Server: mtasa://


and these post for my server * i closed it to make some updates* i re open it , but there man open one with my name !

the post from 2017


Edited by Saud'Faisal
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I would like to report about a Fake Server that using My server name !


Real Server: mtasa://

Fake Server: mtasa://

PHOTOS : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/479357269906292767/540899427091742772/20190201_171937-1.jpg

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Another screenshot which the fake server' staff tells someone the server was created last week. (they banned the player who asked after this)



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My server name: ULG  Community Roleplay - حياة واقعية لعب الادوار
My server IP



Fake Server Name : SWAG-ULG  Community Roleplay - حياة واقعية لعب الادوار
Fake server IP:


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