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My server name: SH Gaming Freeroam
My server IP:

Fake server IP:





Other screenshot:







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Fake IP : mtasa://

It's beginning with [F.N] but you can see the arabic name is شباب المملكة what it's a word for my server

Real IP :  mtasa://

At 2013, I had the name of F.F and I leave the game, when I rejoin the game now, I see this fake ip.. also I had videos from 2013 at youtube for my server but the ip isn't the same



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hi sir 

i'am first one who open Server Hajwalh Team Root

KSA | ~ Team Root - فريق روت للهجولة ~ | Saudi Hajwalh


^ this my server

And there Server For Tactics Name 

[Root] Clan Root ' 4Tactic | كلان روت للحرب والتكتيك [root]


when there saw my server came and flaming me + they say will hack my server and remove it from search !!!!

and iam the orginal one who open root for hajwalh !


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My server name :  ~[T.G]~[ سيرفر تاج الهجولة ]~[KSA]~[ هجولة وحرب ]~[T.G]~

My server IP : mtasa://

Fake server name : =[T.G]=[ سيرفر تاج الهجولة ]=[KSA]=[ سعودي هجولة ]=[T.G]=

Fake server IP : mtasa://

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Fake server IP: mtasa://


My server IP: mtasa://


Please fake server name destroy.

Screenshot: EPJ67g.png

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I would like to report about a Fake Server that using 6ArH's name !

Real Server: mtasa://

Fake Server: mtasa://


Thank you.

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Fake: mtasa://

Real: mtasa://


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Hi! I hope that you can help me. Furthermore, the fake server attacked my server many times using DDOs attacks.

My Server:  mtasa://     (my server is the selected)

The Fake Server:   mtasa://



Thank you!

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There is 2 fake servers using our name in the server browser.

The real server is WIP.

the real comunity is on you can check. 

the fake servers are:




Thank You


You can reach me on






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 This server used our name after we closed our server for maintenance to steal our players

their ip: mtasa:// and mtasa://

our server: mtasa://

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