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The character selection video

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this is what i just posted in another thread, and then i saw there already is a topic on this:

I just saw the latest movie of the occupations. Can someone explain to me how this is gonna work. Cuz if you noticed in the movie, by game modes, for most occupations it says team play but there are also some other game modes, what are they for. Also if you play multiplayer with 6 people and there are only 4 different skins will there be multiple people with the same skin?

Please help me... Anyway it is looking great!!! Unbelieveable!!!

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nice vid but in a little concerned that there in no spawn point on the first island and it is sexist :-) NOT. Perhaps 'stripper' as an ocupation and spawn at malibu or cat stripper club.

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No Codeing Found...

for File PassengerSeat.rar

Error Playing in Windows player.

Unknown Codeing.

you're trying to play the .rar file.. that's like trying to play a .zip file :)

you have to use Winace, or WinRAR to decompress it first :) (there are probably other programs out there, but I'm too lazy to search)

Daemonzi: I wonder what the weapons would be for that? :P:)

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I downloaded the passenger vid and was going to convert to Divx for you but, like EagleEye said - "its only 4 seconds and i can only see a guy standing next to the car"

Are we missing something here guys? Because that's all that happens, he walks about 3 foot along the side of a car which appears to be empty...

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