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I don't know if someone hasn't came up with this idea before, but how about different and random respawn areas for players. I dislike it when someone just waits for you to spawn, kills you, and waits again.

Second, this is just a guess, but I think the mta system loads models of players and cars for the client even when this is not in the players sight range. If this is true, I think it would be better if it was changed so it was like Singleplayer, where the parked cars and so on don't load until the player is close enough to see it. This should help out when you plan to add more cars and boats and what not.

Thank you

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ah, yes, but what if someone moved all the cars to one small area, or 32 players were in a parking lot? :wink:

I think they're working on the 'lots of spawn areas' idea... the movie they've posted shows that, although it may not be in 0.2/0.35

I hate it when someone parks with a chopper RIGHT NEXT to the spawn spot. as soon as you appear, you get killed :(

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I assumed it wouldn't be difficult, but i read ur post, and now its got me thinking, random spawn points using a non random script...ArGh!!! confusing ness, the only thing i can think of, is they set tons of spawn point in the main.scm thing, and the client choose them and they all have a unique id that the client spawnsn them to or something...

argh, why do i keep trying to figure out how mta and gtat already work, and ways they could do things even tho its all guessing :P

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