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We Need Admins In These (offical servers)

Guest Saleen

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Ok i see no reason why not to get about 20 admins that are trust worthy

and open a chat roon or chat script were users can report these cheaters and get em off the servers and baned. it would cut down on morons with traniners and make the game quite fun as it should be. I for one work on a computer about 15 hr a day so i woulnd't mine being a admin and kicking these assholes that rune it for everyone else

again this is for only MTA:VC Offical servers (atm i see nothing diffrent then any other server out there other then the name says Offical)

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Thanks.. it won't take much to make it happen we just need to get started on it get 20 admins keep em all in a sort of contact aim/icq/msn/irc. a globle password that the 20 will know and keep sec and a chat script or a irc room were these admins can be to get in contact with for people to report cheaters. I for 1 am fine to be a admin so long as 19 others can be trust worthy and honest. So to whom this may consern lets get this going and MTA:VC fun the way it should be!

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