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i hurd that host town is a 4th city that R* didient compleet.

and i have seen screens that you can ride in the city but i always val whit my dodo. :?

R* was making multiplayer and a 4th city but why dident the go further??? :? the game wil be beather than ever :D

but whit MTA is 1 of the 2 thinks compleet :D


Join Jakuza we wil pay you wel 8)

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illl answer this

the 4th city is just a part of liberty were the did that first opening secense, remmeber? your ina car drive by a part, that's it It didn't have anything to do with multiplaayer

now to make sure this dosn't go on and confusse opeople by sking MOre question, ask em in the blast thread, we could answet them there better

:idea: THREAD CLOSED :idea:

(oh that fellt good)

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