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SOS Warlord Archon

Warlord Archon

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SOS is a clan I joined for the game America's Army. It is th Special Operations Services clan. This is now known so anyone who asks me this is getting a serious flaming.


yeh dude r u blind he states "a clan I joined for the game America's Army"

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OK a joke from Keva I can take, but the rest of you should know better. I am deadly serious chill with the vid shit people. Especially those that really don't have a clue what the fuck I'm talking about.

If you're talking of me I actually did my homework b4 posting (hey, this doesn't look like me :D )!

Neways, http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=2806


And then there was the talking going on in the BLASTA thread!

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Gee I'm so sorry but if I played soldier of fucking boys up their ass too I would have stated but I didn't did I?? Also This is not a conversation thread this is a warning. If I want to know what games other people play OR tell others what games I play then I'll start up a thread. So mr n00b will you shut the hell up your messing up the thread. There's shit all over the place and it came from you.

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just wondering Warlord, where are the replays?... I'd like to take a crack at editing them, and I'm sure others would too :wink:

mmm... americas army..

who thinks that the medic training is all bullsh*t? you press the 'e' key! Why do you have to remember all that crap!?

Dunno, suckers I guess (prolly just offended a lot of ppl, but wtf, do that all the time :lol: )!

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i have sent all of my replays to prontera - he will hopefully be able to make something of them at a later date =)

I believe he lost al the replays when his comp died

it seems obvious that warlord has made another succesful flame-filled thread - CLOSED! :roll::twisted:

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