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For all those that need GTA files for some reason...


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If your cd is broken and you need some gta files because you uninstalled/messed around/dunked harddrive in coffee instead of a chocolate digestive.

Well anyways to get to the point, its quite simple, i've seen this done before its crazy, but if you brake your cd, snap, scratch, elephants stampede, send the cd to rockstar and then they'll go, awww shame they've gone and, well i dunno how they did that to the cd, it doesn't even look it was a gta cd, wait a minute, aren't both cd's on this cd silver? and doesn't one side have gta written on it in crayon..

i'm sure you can do this anyway, it should have an address inthe back of the manual, or on the website (as i know its easy to loose manuals)

Alternativly, try looking on ebay for a cheap second hand copy, that way you get an original, for a fraction of the price!

(i felt like posting this after reading various posts about how i need the gta exe or whatever, i also noticed on vice city the exe file is on the play cd?, couldn't figure out why the did this, mebbe to save reinstalling, but wouldn't they put all the data files, ie the map and main.scm and whatever not the graphics, as they don't take up much?) *shuts up*

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