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adding custom modles?


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i have two questions. first question is, how do i add custom modles ive made in 3d max into sa. ive followed a few different tutorial where i was less than successful because it seems everytime ive edit the archive and rebuilt it the game would just crash. i spent 8 hours trying everything and follow every tutorial i could but the only thing ive done is crash my game. can anyone help me? i have the .txd .dff and ect all made but i cant get the game to load them.

also my other question is how do i add custom cars to my server? this one i havent attempted yet but i wasnt able ot find much on that subject thanks

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Could be any number of problems causing your crashes. As Dzek said you do not need to edit gta3.img in order to get custom objects to appear in MTA.

Were you replacing objects in gta3.img with your own custom ones, or were you adding your custom models to the archive? If the latter, then that is probably the source of your problem, either due to the inherent instability of adding files to gta3.img or because you forgot to add (or didn't add correctly) your new objects to the IDE/IPL lists.

As suggested above, you should try MTA's EngineLoad features. If you are able to get the script working properly, you'll then be able to diagnose whether it's your custom files that are causing the problems, or whether the problem lies in the changes you were trying to make to gta3.img. If it's still not working after that, if you like you can upload the files somewhere and I'll see if I can find a problem in your models.

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Ah, I've never added files to the archive without updating IDE/IPL, since they then wouldn't appear in SP. I've only ever been able to add about 4-5 files (updated in IDE/IPL) before the archive no longer functions and GTA won't run - that was the limit/instability I was referring to.

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Possibly, though I've never had any issues myself with the poly count, GTA's graphics engine is really quite robust in that sense, considering its age. It might just hammer the frame-rate or freeze the game when they spawn - sounds to me like his game isn't even loading properly which would lead me to assume a failure in the archive or something not quite right in the IPL/IDE lists.

Hopefully if he knows enough about modelling to actually make a model and export it to the proper formats, he knows how to be more frugal with his poly's :P

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thanks for the site! works great but wat about customizable vechile with multipul paint jobs and tuning and ect? im just trying understand the limits of mta i was unaware of samp and assumed they were the same thing.

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MTA and SAMP aren't really in the same ballpark. SAMP is 'more popular' for now, but is ultimately a pile of crap and lacks 99% of the functionality and flexibility that we get from MTA.

In theory, you could have as many paint jobs as you like using the engineLoadTXD function, so long as the TXDs are compatible with the car you want to put them on. Bear in mind though that decent high-quality TXDs for car mods can be pretty heavy (1-2MB or more), so if you had more than a few, your client download would start to get pretty big.

You can replace GTA vehicles with vehicle mods using LUA functions like the one above, but I'm not sure how well that would go with with your tuning objective. You could replace the tuning objects (bumpers, spoilers etc) but they would most likely not be interchangeable with car mods, only the original tunable GTA vehicles (if you did it correctly). There's some instability issues when a client replaces a tunable car (eg Elegy), that's really GTA's problem rather than MTA, I'm not sure if that can be avoided when it is a server-enforced replacement.

Depending on what you want to accomplish you'd probably want to have a pretty good grasp of 3D modelling & modding and/or LUA scripting.

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im a surfing junkie and when i come to a hump i resort to posting. so far the only issue that im prob not gunna solve is learning lua. i only know one language and thats English, and so far ive been experimenting with free public scripts. im still looking for a paid scirptor, preferably some one in my time zone

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Well you could still give it a go, there's plenty of documentation and examples on the MTA Wiki for people learning LUA, and lots of support and expertise in the community for people who are stuck. Always a good idea to start simple and work your way up from there. Most of what you are suggesting is possible, and probably not too difficult; just the custom tuning part might be a bit trickier.

If you haven't seen this page before, might be worth having a look:


It's a good place to start. Most of the stuff you suggested (custom vehicles, new paintjobs) can be done with that and related functions.

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can anyone explain to me the car handling part? can u write a script to edit the stats of vehicles?(ex.speed,handling,acceleration, ect.) ive gotten a pretty good idea wat mta limits are so far, but im still alittle fuzzy on wat is and isnt possible.

and for the lua part. im not familiar at all with the language and im gunna do some surfing but is the language universal? for ex would a game unrelated to gta use similar functions and commands or does mta have a certian dialect? obv modles number and id tags are game specific i understand that part but im sure there are many more tutorials that are no way associated with mta.

agian thanks for everything.

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Remi-X is working on a resource that allows vehicle handling to be modified and controlled. Supposed to be released for MTA1.1+


MTA uses LUA as the coding language - it's a very popular and widely used language, many other games use it. The commands and functions will vary somewhat between games, but the syntax should be largely the same. So presumably once you understand how to write LUA, you can use that understanding to write for any LUA-based game without much difficulty.

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