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Just wanted to say hi. I'm surprised that this account (Rocket_Guns) is still working, look:

Joined:Tue Dec 30, 2003 12:51 pm

Last visited:Sun Sep 17, 2006 8:26 am

lol :)

great work @ keeping the community alive. mta just popped up in my head after all these years wondering if it were still up and running.

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definitely! was that the team with MadMike, Duffbeer and Ryan? I was also in a bunch of other teams throughout the years but i forgot the names lol. they were also on CS:S back then.

your name looks familiair :)

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Was that you playing mta with your gf? :P

I think i remember you! i was playing as TmM_master for some time, then when the bastards went for css i joined FMJ

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lol no I don't think my gf was playing mta, i wish ;)

FMJ ah yeah, i remember that name as well. I was also in VCES later I think, with Brophy and a bunch of other regulars back then.

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Long time no see !

VCES is now SAES, you are always welcome, most of the old faces still about !!

Good to see you!

Merry Xmas all btw. ;)

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/me shags rocket_guns

catch us on irc pal if you get time! and we still got running :P

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