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What does everyone want

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uh, from what i can see there. everyone (few exceptions) want to have full mind-blowing ready-to-go amazing RP scripts :/

What else? Idk. Do something creative, that has never been done before.

You can also make a helper resource. Like the one I'm going to write someday - smooth camera moving with easing options. So i can set like:

moveCamera (int time, string easingMode, int delay, float sourcePositionX, float sourcePositionY, float sourcePositionZ, float targetPositionX, float targetPositionX, float targetPositionX, float lookAtFromX, float lookAtFromY, float lookAtFromZ, float lookAtToX, float lookAtToY, float lookAtToZ, float rollFrom, float rollTo, float fovFrom, float fovTo)

Also this should support giving elements instead of positions (like i want camera to constantly going to look on some element, while it's moving).

This is rather complicated and requires a lot of math - but would be pretty useful :)

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If you're an experienced scripter I hope you won't limit yourself to the Role-Playing genre, there's an awful lot of potential for creativity in Freeroam since you don't need to conform to anything being 'realistic' or relevant to existing game mechanics, just fun and original. Probably some potential in other game modes too.

There has been work done in the past on scripts that can 'record' your movements, such that it can be replayed back to you by the script, allowing you to record it with FRAPS or something. But the ones I've seen are either heavy on cpu usage or glitch/desync a lot - perhaps people in the community would find something like that useful, if it could be done more successfully.

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I still don't get it (can't imagine what you mean)...

Barrel Roll - When something "rolls" (like the sports' balls when stop bouncing), it just "rotates" in its own position but moving to somewhere.

Think it like a mortal jump but in the floor and moving forwards/backwards

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