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Join our #VCstuntcrew !


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Do you actually just wanna Stunt? And have FUN?!

Then join 'The Vice City Stuntcrew' :!:


By joining our channel (#VCstuntcrew) on mIRC.

We would like to see more (experienced) VC gamers/stunters participating!

Some off our members often run a PRIVATE (password) servers where only stunting occures.

(To avoid public people who "connect to kill"!)

#VCstuntcrew is a layed back channel/crew!!! 8)

So try calling people's names on the channel whilest being patient on getting a response.

By typing "!help" on the channel, you can get some info on how to be able to find some private Stuntcrew_servers online.

(this only works when Thar is connected)

You can get banned as easely as you can join & we never allow killing eachother unless asked for! We just always wanna have fun !!

If you really don't :x have a clue on getting mIRC and/or how to join the channel: check this link:


If you'r just intrested in seeing what we do, check one of many Vids members made (you'll need Quicktime to play it): check this link:


More Vids & Replays: http://xpgamer1.proboards18.com/index.cgi?board=videos

We are hoping & looking forward on meeting you, doing some insane stunts together.

In the End you'll never leave the crew.

Keep in mind that even more fun and gameplay is garranteed on MTAVC's next Release ! :D

FUN MATES! cya then.

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