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hedit: MTA Ingame Handling Editor V2.1.4


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If you've got any requests feel free to post them and I'll consider adding them into the roadmap.

What about editing handlings for Bikes, Boats, Helicopters, Planes (Hydra with 1000km/h would be awesome ;))? I know that these handlings work abit differently... don't know if this is possible, cause i'm a newbie scripter.

And there's a bug with importing handlings from other gta's (Understandable, cause they have some missing or additional vars), they sometimes go craaaazy. (It's been already reported, right? :/)

AND when I look at my suspension of my car while the timescale is not 1.0 the suspension seems to react differently (Probably a MTA bug?), maybe i'm just seeing things...

EDIT: I forgot to say that I have one more bug: If you go to Model Flags and tick IS_HATCHBACK, all the other boxes in that category bug around and get eventually unticked.

EDIT2: Is there a german translation already? If not, I could help with that.

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1. Bikes, Boats, Helicopters, Planes: if I recall correctly, applying handling modifications to some of these vehicles are yet to be released in MTA http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=6094

2. Importing handlings from other GTA's will be fixed sometime soon, thanks for the report.

3. Handling editor just sets the handling values, unless values are not being set as expected, the outcome of the settings are not a priority unless they cause significant damage.

4. IIRC, certain flags uncheck other flags (such as, you may not be able to have IS_HELI and IS_BOAT set at the same time)

5. Thanks for your interest in providing a translation but translations are only required during a release candidate stream.

Thanks :)

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Is it possible to make it that when you set the handling of a specific vehicle (Infernus?) and save it, then create another one, then switch back to the infernus, (AKA respawning it) that it will actually have the saved handling on by default?

AKA like this:

1. Create Infernus.

2. Customize and save handling.

3. Spawn another car for whatever reason.

4. Spawn Infernus once more.

5. The handling you made previously/which is saved is applied by default.

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Hey guys, I'm rewriting the handling editor. It's going to be the "third" version of hedit and it's going to have all the features listed on the roadmap and all some extra ones as well. I'm going to be coding this on my own until I have completed it to a useable stage so there's no point forking my code and adding extra things for now. Follow my development on http://github.com/hedit/hedit :)

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How would I go about adding an admin check, so that only players in an admin ACL group could use the editor? Thanks.

open notpad add admen check to part where window open


Nope Jesse you're wrong.


Read log message

Erm, I am having trouble with that resource.hedit.access, I tried to put it in the ACL like this and not sure what to do since that doesn't work.

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