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hedit: MTA Ingame Handling Editor V2.1.4


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Qais, please do a bit more research. About MTA is correct, but it can be caused by hedit too.

Minwar, do you get improper handling in every server, or have you imported a handlin.cfg using the exporter?

If every server: This is due MTA resetting all handlings to default when starting your game.

If imported handling: As stated in the roadmap, the loader of this exporter doesn't completely work. This will be fixed next version ;)

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As far as I can get from the replies of you two above, I don't have any modifications to my personal handling.cfg on the GTA that I use to play MTA, and the normal GTA SA handlings seems fine on my server before I run hedit resource. The elegy acts normal, doesn't slide so much without NoS, and the cheetah maintains its grip at high speeds and doesn't begin sliding.

Im using the loaddefault on start thing, which loads up a full handling.cfg, as I want the handlings to be server wide, its a stock handling.cfg with elegy and cheetah etc having the same lines as they do on normal, with only around 4 cars with modified handlings, but the cheetah which usually doesn't loose its grip in corners starts sliding, it feels different, along with elegy managing to pull off very big drifts without NoS or handbreak comparing to normal when it doesn't loose grip without nos unless you basically use the handbreak, so its grip is also very different.

Also my modified handlings that I put in act differently than I remembered them to on SA:MP.

So as far as I can understand from you Remi-X this is a known issue and is being fixed? :D

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I'm currently redoing the handling.cfg importer as the previoud one didnt load handlings correctly and was very CPU intensive. I'm going to fix these two flaws ofcourse, but I'm also considering to make players (maybe ranked players or something) to let them import complete handling.cfg lines, save them at their PC and let them be able to load individual lines later. And, allow admins to import a handling.cfg when ingame - which get saved just like the converter of thr console does.

What do you think about this? Do it, or not worth the effort?

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Go to your MTA installation folder > mods > deathmatch > resources > hedit > saves.

All saved files are located there currently.

I'll do a quick peekup too then:

I've finished save/load again, and they seem to work a lot more stable than the ones of alpha. I'll do a few tweaks to some things now, and add the full log again. Then I will launch pre-beta :)

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Finally a new update, and I can say this is the first updatr you all waited for. Now fast, see the full changelog and download it!

New in this version are the ability to import a handling without errors, and export a handling! Also, you can reset your vehicle handling to default of any vehicle.

Removed are the full handling log, cfg exporter and deletion of handlings. They're to be done for RC2 or later, they have a low priority in my mind.

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