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hedit: MTA Ingame Handling Editor V2.1.4


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No, no-one knows when the functions will be completed. And no-one is working on it too afaik. I haven't seen an update on it for months. But, I already told I'll give them a try to finish.

When I finished this tool, I sort of promised myself & eAi to take a look into the source of those functions, to see what I can do to get it working. I'll do my utmost best for this.

EDIT: I almost got killed. Cazomino05 needs an award. Thank you! You did some amazing job there.


Yesterday, Cazomino05 fixed some handling stuff. So I made a custom server, to test the functions on this tool with Cazomino05 and MrHankey. It worked out great! Now I see there is some stuff that needs fixes, but overall it was working just as it was supposed to do. So that's great :)

Now, there are still some serious bugs on the log. After I tried to attaching these to vehicles, a lot of bugs occured. Like unable to open/close the editor, no log gui created, and more. So, I'm gonna to remove this feature for now. I will look if I can rescript this for future versions.

The dynamometer is very unstable as well, but should get easily fixed. Will look what I can do to it later today.

After all, you cannot connect to the test server anymore, unless you got the proper client. The server is running a custom build now, to test the handling functions and the editor at the same time. PM me if you still want to connect, or want to know more.

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  • 4 weeks later...


  • Added support for multiple templates. This still can use some improvement, like effect-customization. But that's low priority, so I will add this in further versions. It does already check for the correctness of templates. If incorrect, the handling editor will not load to avoid any user-related bugs.
  • Added multi-language support. Works perfectly! I'll release this tool with more and more languages, if there are people willing to translate the text :)
  • Improved 500-1000 lines of code to a less of 10-20 :D Me <3 Efficiency.
  • You can set and get vehicle or model handling now, and choose if it must set by the server or client. I've made this to debug in the first place, but it might be useful. There's no need to remove this yet.
  • Updated all limitations to the ones Mekorea posted on the bugtracker.

Still need to re-enable some stuff, but that isn't a hard job.

Any suggestions yet? :)

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Is this still alive!

Yes, it is. In fact, I just wanted to announce a little update :P

It's awesome!

Thnx :)

How about a configurations box. Like a combobox with the handling showing for all vehicles.

That sounds like a really good idea. I could make some adminpanel for such things, which might be added to later versions.

Also, make the XML saved client side. So it doesnt lag the server.

Afaik XML files can only be saved serverside. Never worked with clientside XML files, so cmiiaw. But, if it's possible, I'm not sure if I will save the XML's clientside. It's easier for admins to manage handlings if they're stored serverside.

Well, now my little update.

I've done some more code cleanup, and more and more is going to work. CenterOfMass seems to work now, so only the animgroups needs to be added now.

Also, I did some changes to the GUI itself. I've removed the 4 little Save/Load/Import/Reset buttons, and replaced them with a help button. At the top of the GUI, you will see some windows-like buttons. File, Options, View and such things. A list:

  • Stuff in the file menu:
    • New Handling [Thus, will reset your current handling]
    • Open [Open a saved handling]
    • Import [import a handling.cfg line]
    • Export [Export the current config to a handling.cfg line]
    • Save [save the current handling config to your folder]
    • Close [Close the window]

    [*]View [Will show you some GUIs and menus to enable or disable

    [*]Options [Will let you choose your current template, language, and more]

Ofcourse such a menu is harder to create than a few buttons, but I've got the time. MTA 1.1 will not be out that soon :P

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You might want to test this with a custom build of MTA, which I can link if you want. That has already the full functionality of the handlingfunctions, except for some little things.

I would appreciate every tester :)

And a little update on the new layout and utilities bar:

Every menubutton is working again, I only need to fill the help and test menu. They're still empty :P

And about the utilities bar, this is going very well! I though this will need several days, but in fact, I'm almost finished. There are 2 big things to do: Hover effects, and correct click handlers. After that, I'll script the stuff that needs to be inside the click handlers. But let's get them working first :P

After that, the non-GUI part starts finally. I'll add the save&load functionality then! I'm getting closer and closer to a stable V2.0 resource!

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No, they aren't implemented. Otherwise you could just download the latest nightly to have them :P I've got a custom build, from the handling branch. The handling branch isn't included in any of the nightlies, like every branch is.

And tell me when you do have time, maybe we can arrange something that fits you :)


Update on the utilities bar: Main script is complete! It's working like Windows does! Can't get script it better and smaller too, so no improvement needed. Maybe I merge the scriptfiles into other existing ones to avoid messy code, but that's not needed now at all.

Gonna script the click handlers now. I'll let you know when that's completed.


I've mistaken. The itemselection needs a lot of cleanup. And I think that's gonna be the most annoying one from the whole editor. Damnit!

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Thnx :)

I'm busy with the save/load/import functions now. I'll do reset later, since I need ALOT of config for that. But those save/load/import functions should be done tomorrow. The GUI of them has almost finished, and the creating script too. So, tomorrow is gonna be a great day :D

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:D That looks great, if the appearance is great, I can't imagine how great the actual resource will be.

What I meant was creating a clientside XML for custom configurations. Whereas default's and built in configurations are server side.

xmlCreateFile is a Server and Client function :D

(When is the server up? Please tell me, i would like to try it :D)

EDIT: I am pretty sure you have already done your GUI, but i have a small idea - Instead of using gui functions, use YAML for the File/View/Help menu at the top. It makes it more...menu like :P

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I'm probably going to make my own library, since I mostly not use stuff made by others. And it works great now, I don't know how to improve it.

Also, server is a lot of times up. The problem is, that you need a custom build of MTA. I can send it if you want, but you can't connect to any server except mine with that build.

Also, if you are going to look at the source code, don't blame me at the utilSelection.lua file :P That's just ridiculously bad scripted.

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A custom build is a MTA version compiled by the user itself. I'm using a custom build of the handling branch, since that is the only one with custom handling functions. You can find the source code on the Google code page of MTA.

And I'm not sharing the link here in this topic to avoid any user confusion. I pmed you back :)

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Little update:

I think I finally reached maximum code efficiency! All interactive GUI elements have elementdata now, containing the number the are. Now the script only has to check which element-group has been clicked/hovered, the number does the rest! :D

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Thanx for mentioning & declaring at the IRC. Updated the script now with tables, instead of elementData :)



It's possible to connect to the test server again! Be sure to read the "Release" section of the main post. everything you need is listed in there. I would appreciate every tester! Ofcourse you can always report bugs in this topic.

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