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hedit: MTA Ingame Handling Editor V2.1.4


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Okay, forgive me for the triple bump. I tried deleting the last one but it wouldn't let me!

Handling Editor 2.1 has released!

Download it here

This release is very small and any subsequent 2.x releases will just be bugfixes during the transition toward The Official Ingame Handling Editor 3.0!

New with 2.1:

  • DragMeter! Drag the buttons in the editor to quickly modify the variable!
  • ACL access control! Limit access to hedit by a simple ACL right: resource.hedit.access
  • Revised GUI design
  • Various bugfixes

ou! :DWhat to expect in 3.0:

  • admin resource style ACL rights
  • full dynamic capabilities for scripters
  • dynamometer!
  • multiple windows!
  • do you have any other ideas? just post them below!

Many Asian thank you to you!

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13 hours ago, FaHaD said:

@qaisjp @Remi-X

Sorry if i bumped this topic but i don't where to post about a bug in this script i guess i have downloaded the last version of it and some players make a report about a gui appears and they can't closed just an empty gui window and they can't open the 'B' panel so is there anything you can guys  do about it?

I'll look into this.

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Hi there,

I've looked into your issue and it seems that I cannot reproduce it. Type "ver" into the console and tell me what it says. Please also install the latest 1.5.3 nightly and let me know if that fixes things.

I have tested it on version "Multi Theft Auto v1.5.3-release-10697". Please also make sure you have the latest version of hedit.


Edited by qaisjp
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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team
On 1-12-2016 at 0:26 PM, mingledSpringle said:

Okay so where do the handlings get saved? Need it so i can use an awesome drift handling on normal gta when im offline.

MTA resources folder > hedit\saves

f.e C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources\hedit\saves > saves.xml. Or just use export function within the GUI itself and copy the handling lines out of it (this takes the GTA handling format so its compatible, from XML you first need to adapt it back)

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