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hedit: MTA Ingame Handling Editor V2.1.4


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Check out the GitHub page to see the latest and smallest changes done!

Current stable release

SERIOUS NEED FOR DEVELOPERS! Please help contribute!


A while ago, I read on the wiki something about Handling Functions. I discussed that with a friend, and he advised me to make a handling editor, so you can see I did. I've done some research, and found out that the Handling Functions will be released alongside MTA 1.1. And that's what inspired me to create this. The first, and the best Ingame Handling Editor - userfriendly, and stylistic :)

See all exported functions & events on the HandlingEditor wiki page.



Download the latest package from here. If you are experienced with Git, you can also clone the repository here: SSH[git@github.com:Deltanic/Hedit.git] | HTTPS | SVN.



11u7ubb_th.jpg 34z0ygi_t.jpg b6wo6a_th.jpg 2ljgo40_t.jpg

You will see:

  • At the left all config buttons, and a help page button.
  • Beneath that, the save/load/import/reset buttons.
  • In the middle you will see a lot of buttons. You can click those buttons to change the handling of it. Note: Almost everything is empty because the MTA Handling Functions aren't released yet, and I'm simulating the functions.
  • Beneath those buttons you see the output of hovers and clicks. Here it show what to use for the amount of gears. Note: Was a little bug, it's now only showing when editting.

And take a look at the Log GUI in the first picture:

  • I've used too much gears. It outputs an error message, and the data will not be changed.
  • Then I've did too less gears. Same story again.
  • Now I've successfully changed the amount of gears to 6.
  • After that, I tried to use a string instead of number. Won't work, as you see :)
  • At last, I tried to set the same amount again. But it was already 6, so it would be useless to set it to 6 again. And it won't be set.
  • Epic debug, isn't it? :P

On the second picture you will see:

The new comboboxes, still with a GUI with round edges.

And on the third picture you'll see:

A whole config that's changed! Besides, everything is square. This due the new GUI style included with r2113n and above.

Also, on the fourth picture:

The whole new utilities bar. Works just like it does in Windows!

And already the third demonstration video, showing the new gui, saveload functions, vehicle-log, and flag support!:



See here for a list of all development video's.

There needs to be more triggers for comboboxes, not only onClientGUIComboBoxAccepted. They should trigger every GUI event, just as every other GUI element does too. Would be useful for this tool either.


And, a roadmap to let you guys know where I'm working on. Be sure to check the GitHub page too, to be aware of the latest and smallest changes!

Strike = Resolved and available in the latest Git commit.

Italic = Resolved but waiting to be comitted to Google Code due to other stuff.

Roadmap said:

Ingame Handling Editor - 1.0


First announced Ingame Handling Editor.

Release date: Never.

This one was not useful at all, it was bound to have bugs, and had a stupid core.

Topic got trashed.

Ingame Handling Editor - 2.0


First initial release.

Target date: MTA 1.1 release

-[Feature] Dynamometer, which tests your speed, acceleration, grip, and turning angle. - Bugged, postponed

-[bug] Loading defaults.xml seems to apply incorrect handlings. - New

-[Feature] Be able to upload and download handlings from others using the server - new

-[Feature] A possibility to simply share a handling with someone else - new

-[scripting] Add events and functions usable for scripters. - In development

-[sync] Improve logmanager's bandwidth usage. - In development

-[bug] Fix flag-crashes (Sometimes when having a particular flag enabled, hedit didnt recognize it anymore.) - Resolved

-[Feature] Add spam protection for flags. - Resolved

-[Feature] Settings menu. - Resolved

-[Feature] Be able to change the skin or language when the resource has been started already - Resolved

-[sync] Sync a per-vehicle log with other clients. - Resolved

-[Feature] A possibility to reset the current handling to it's default - Resolved

-[Feature] Be able to import and export handlings made for handling.cfg - Resolved

-[General] Improve the core code once again, and improve bandwidth savings. - Resolved

-[Feature] Include more information at saved handlings like description, top speed, etc. - Resolved

-[Feature] Use checkboxes to enable or disable flagvalues. - Resolved

-[Feature] Support for handlingFlags and modelFlags. - Resolved

-[General] Add warning guis. - Resolved

-[Feature] Improve save/load functionality. - Resolved

-[Feature] Save handlings clientside and disallow to change the resourcename. - Resolved

-[General] Finish the utilities bar. - Resolved

-[bug] Disallow the suspension upper and lower limit to be the same. - Resolved

-[Feature] Log based per vehicle. - Resolved

-[General] Limitations serverside. (xml file) - Resolved

-[Feature] Ability to import a complete handling.cfg file. - Resolved

-[General] Be able to save and load handlings. - Resolved

-[Feature] Press CTRL when pointing a button to see the defaultvalue. - Resolved

-[Feature] Press SHIFT when pointing a button to see the previous value. - Resolved

-[Feature] Change the handling-data when right-clicking the button together with SHIFT or CTRL. - Resolved

-[Feature] Serverside log file that logs every handlingchange. - Resolved

-[GUI] Improve support for low resolutions - Resolved

-[General] Improve the core code - Resolved

-[General] More centerOfMass output. - Resolved

-[bug] Annoying decimal problem: Avoid more decimals then 3. - Resolved

-[bug] Move clientside SET functions to serverside. Resolved

-[General] Create a nice help-page, or add a help.xml. - Resolved

-[Feature] Support for different languages. - Resolved

-[Feature] Ability to change templates. - Resolved

-[GUI] Support for low resolutions. - Resolved

-[General] Show explanation upon hovering or clicking some GUI-element. - Resolved

-[General] Log GUI. - Resolved

-[General] Every known Handling parameter changable. - Resolved

-[block] Add a list of affecting values on values for modelFlags, in order to change modelFlags. - Closed

-[Feature] Add a list of animgroups. - Closed

Ingame Handling Editor - 2.1


Fix obscure issues, and improve the current functionality.

-[bug] Fix possible bugs - New

-[bug] Update only the changed handling data. - New

-[bug] Update the handling data when someone else changed it. - New

-[General] Better support for different vehicles. - New

-[Feature] More output, more explanation, more intelligible. - New

Ingame Handling Editor - 2.2


Fix the last bugs, fix any synchronization faults if any. Possibly the latest 2.x release.

- N/A

Ingame Handling Editor - 3.0


GUI redesign (Imaged GUI!), introducing features that did not ship with 2.x.

-[Feature] Undo/Redo functions. - New

-[Feature] Hover your mouse over a log label to see who did the change. - New

-[Feature] Receive info about the handling-changes. - New

-[Feature] Scrolling while pointing at a button will change it's value. - New

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Looks very good! If it works well, this could be included with 1.1.

Oh, I would really appreciate that :oops:

+666 for not outputting everything to chat, but creating a log window!

Haha, ideas ftw!

when all this stuff works, then it's rly nice o.O

Thanx, Almost everything is working. I only need to change some inputs to dropdown widgets, so there can't be a mistake. And some other buttons need to work too.


Also, I've added comboboxes for stuff that only can be certain things. Like strings and bools.


Would be nice if those comboboxes get support to trigger every GUI event, just like every GUI element can do too. Would be useful for this tool either, since I will be able to output information about the settings in comboboxes.

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nice idea.

But, when much and much player'scome to your server, like it's getting popular, like all the times 60+players, so, some player's come's everyday first time, and makeing an a new node to xml, so it make it bigger and bigger, and finaly, it will get lagging ( loading )

but that doesn't matter :P

Because, it's real good resource =)

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I'm still developing it as fast as I can. Dunno why, but this means that I can restart the script sometimes. Some bugs that weren't before, may occur then.

Usage: Get into a vehicle, and press H. Click a button to edit it's value. Or use the dropdown lists.

Currently only the main menu (transmission) is working the best, but you can check out the other 2 handling menus too. I'm fixing this. Probably later today, every handling config can be changed.

EDIT: Woha, just did a code cleanup. Just saved around 500-1000 scriptlines, and it's even working better! Now need to allow numbers like 2.0, 1.0 etc. They don't work yet, only if you do 2.3, or something without that 0. Wierd. But, take a look at this:



Edited by Guest
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Whoops! Late reply

Thanks for the test! I'm sure this will be useful when the handling function is released.

Very innovative design. I like it.

But one thing for sure is that some bugs weren't fixed yet. You should go and fix it. When this resource is bug-less, I'll give a 10. :)

Score: 9/10

(Proves better when handling is released)

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But one thing for sure is that some bugs weren't fixed yet. You should go and fix it. When this resource is bug-less, I'll give a 10. :)

Those bugs are probably fixed today. I've done even more code cleanup, which solves 25 (!!!) bugs at once, and saves me around 200 (!!!) lines of code. And I still need to do some cleanup, which can solve more than 15 bugs, and saves me around 200-400 lines.

All together: just some code cleanup will save around 2000 lines of script, ololol :D

I'm getting pro in LUA because of this resource :)

EDIT: Saved another 100 more lines.

EDIT: Improved code > less to edit to edit more.

i was got the latest one, just downloaded.

Weird, maybe you joined when I restarted my PC? Try to join now ;)


And BAM, Video:

Sorry for the bad quality, had a wrong config in Fraps. But you should be able to see it.

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Both: No. My server isn't 24/7 since it's hosted on my local PC. So, when I'm at school, or sleeping, it'll probably offline. Now I'm not at my "server"-home too (as most of my weekends, broken up parents). You'd be able to join tomorrow.

About the handling functions: They are still in development, though there hasn't been a change on it for a while. Right now, I'm just simulating them with set/getElementData. When I finished this tool, I sort of promised myself & eAi to take a look into the source of those functions, to see what I can do to get it working. I'll do my utmost best for this.

And to let y'all now what's the progress:

Still going well. Had some trouble attaching the logs to vehicles, but it seems to work now. Also, the speed & acceleration meter does work now, though I still need to create a function that ends the test, and functions to do grip and steering tests. But progress is going very good, I'll create a new video about it soon.

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