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MTA:VC 0.2 screenies looking good !

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yes, i am very excited. could someone go into a bit more detail about the occupation menu he mentioned? i saw it in the news... am i mistaken or does that look like you also choose your model? or is "occupation menu" a bit fancy for model select? this project is really quite genius, much respect to the MTA team, although with this type of following they know they are doing the right thing! its gonna be awesome

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tarant_ino you will need to ask multiplicity people how close their work is to submission for possible inclusion. Although i think it unlikely as we have yet to see anything from them beyond some 3d mockups

i can find out when they finish i may even make it sooner ill just go to there house and ask them when it's finished with a baseball bat

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how about the "Same IP is already connected to this server" problem

at the moment i cant play with my friend using internet connection sharing

but i'm not sure if this is a global problem or just for a few server ?

Will it work better in 0.2 ? Also i've noticed that its really hard to have a proper connection on ur own server (localhost) u need like 10 attempt at least to stay connected

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