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anyone know how to get rid of unhandeled exception error???

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if you wouldnt be such a noob you wouldnt have to restart the computer

search the forum to solve that problem i alreday wrote something about that.. but im too lazy too check out the link for you ;)

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- when you crash.. press Enter twice..

- go play on another server

- check your compatibility mode

- check if you have ANY mods

- check if you have ANY trainer

- check if you're using ANY cheat

- try putting your sound (in VC) on another driver.. maybe software

- try changing your resolution to prevent reboot-crashes

- don't run any memory- or cpu-eating programs

- download the patch and install it

- reinstall VC

- reinstall MTA

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im wondering why it crashes, maybe its the mods are after, oh well, i see if it does'nt crash on me with the mods disabled when i get a chance on multiplaying again when version 2 arrives :wink:

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*sigh*... he just asked a question...

When you crash, then use the chat box, and ask if anyone else crashed too. That may help you figure out if it's the server causing it, someone else causing it, or if it's on your end.

It's an annoying bug... Sometimes hitting enter a bunch of times will work, sometimes it won't... It's just the way it goes :(

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