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Damn cheaters!!!

Guest RAY16

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I was just playing a game with about 7 other people. We were having fun doing stunts on our motorcylces, then all the sudden this cheater joins the game and starts killing us. And not only was he killing us and being an ass but because he was using a trainer he made my game crash about 5 times. I was forced to leave, and i was having a great time, too. Please, i beg you, put a lot of effort into some type anti-cheat protection. These loosers are runing thing wonderfull mod for me and everybody else. It would also be good for you to put in a kick and/or ban vote option. These cheaters are making all the hard work you're puting into this mod pointless!


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Actually the single player cheats, of the typed in kind, do not work in mtavc0.1, it is the trainer users that spoil others fun. This is an issue we take very seriously and there are many blocks and checks to stop trainer usage in the next release.

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