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Hex codes

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Is there any way to hide hex codes in player's names?

Nobody want it look like this:


But what is odd - when you finish the race, the killmessages resource shows it without the hex code as "ESE|krYshuT". However, when i kill myself it shows as "ESE|#ff00ffkrYshuT

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playerName = string.gsub(playerName, '#%x%x%x%x%x%x', '')

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Well, there is this line in delay indicator resource:

delayDisplayBehind:text("+"..msToTimeStr(delayTime).." "..cps..getPlayerName(source))

I have no experience in coding, so I don't know how to make it work fine. I tried to edit it like:

delayDisplayBehind:text("+"..msToTimeStr(delayTime).." "..cps..string.gsub(playerName, '#%x%x%x%x%x%x', ''))

But it didn't work.

How it's correct?

Else in the killmessages resource I have no idea where to paste it to make it work. Can you help me with this?

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Works perfect, thanks much.

Just one more question. Is there a way to make color text else then in the chatbox? I've got one resources which generates text elsewhere.

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Ingame it looks like this:


Lua file:

local messagesList = { 
    "19.11.: ESE #00ff0013:3 TPT", 
    "ingame cycling text shows here", 
    "ingame cycling text shows here", 
    "ingame cycling text shows here", 
    "ingame cycling text shows here", 
    "ingame cycling text shows here", 
local currentMessage = 0 
addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), 
        local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() 
        -- Draw the news sticker. 
        dxDrawRectangle(screenWidth - 249, 4, 0, 20, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 192), false) 
        -- Draw all strings. 
        dxDrawText(messagesList[currentMessage + 1], screenWidth - 246, 6, screenWidth - 6, 16, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1, "default-bold", "center", "top", false, false, false) 
function updateMessage() 
    if (currentMessage == 5) then 
        currentMessage = 0 
        currentMessage = currentMessage + 1 
setTimer(updateMessage, 5000, 0) 

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