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Report A Cheater!!!!!


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Hi i was playin on mta vc today and me and a couple of other people noticed a cheater. He was in a heli and he even admitted he was usin a trainer i swear all of us combined probably use about 15-25 grenades i personally died 16 times due to him rammming me with the blades. i ahve the text where he even admitted he was usin yu can easily tell that he was becuz think about it if yu werent yu would say somin look below. . .

-nBk-meth0d: lol @ being proud of cheating wit a heli

~o~rolla~b~: hahahahaha

his name on the game was ~o~rolla~b~

This is the image of him in mta as yu can see he died 1 time and yu see me oreoman 15 times


Now this is a picture of him in the heli trying to kill me once again.


Please if yu find him and yur a mod ban him or if yu r not a mod pls report him in.

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cheating = bad, and no matter how much protection you put into a game you can never compleatly stop it. While you can remove the issues as they surface there is no definate way to stop all cheaters apart from banning them one by one on your server which is what admis will have to start doing. one of the main reason i dont play online ne more (the whole half life scioty pissed me off), its lanning all the way.

actually if it wernt from the whole cheating aspect i would say thats a pretty cool screenie.

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uhh tanks it takes a lot of skill

yeah i just searched my name cuz i dunno what was goin on i actually have no i dea why i did it and i found this and yeah i wnna see those screeneis cua they sound like masterpieces of art and its my art in a way so i wanna see it :roll: idiot :roll:

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that was such a long time ago in like summer of 03 but its still 03 for liek a few more days or like 1 week i don't lie k calnders they scare me anyways yeah i liked killing peiope w/ my chopper it was fun too bad cheatsare hard 2 find for mta or i would still be doing it but i don't have the energy to remove all my mods i h8 that w/ the mod thing you should make a thing where when u play it automaticly swtiches the handeling.cfg and the mta.scm or w/e and so then when ur done it replaces the old so you can play w/ ur mod and when you have mod cars all the roads and struff don't load in mta but in the real game they do i find that very odd

yeah i love heli killing it was fun

fun like having fun which is alos like having fun :roll: idiot :roll:

why did u call me an idiot bumping up a topic isn't hard i just put a post on it why did u think i'm a na indiot that i'm challeneged in smarts just cuz you didnt thnik of it firrtst our just callin yourself an idiot and so how does it fell now yeah you kow it :roll: idiot :roll:

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