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He asks for video files example .wmv

xD I think people have understood. video files are too big to be displayed ingame , link to video on the internet is ok, .gif coul be ok (maybe great not just ok lol) also.

cutscenes is something very interesting, because its just camera movment so you dont download a 30 mb video file. cutscenes , I need to learn that. :)

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It's scriptable. Downloading raw image files would need a lot of bandwidth, but with more scripting you can split images into parts and upload only those which change between frames. If streaming (playing video which isn't fully downloaded) is needed, triggerClientEvent and client-side file functions can be used to upload files anytime (or file uploading functions, if they get implemented in MTA SA 1.1). Making such script is a challenge and I think I should try that :)

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Uhhh , then every server i join i will need to download that video , it would be better to just Embed video from youtube into GUI 240x240 Window , or how ever you want it to be wide/high, idk how , but video files , idk what to say...


"Press F5 to open help window" on help video there would be Embeded video from youtube , so when you click play , only you download needed content from youtube... or any other website... i realy don't know how to explain this...

BTW , great idea...

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YouTube = flv though :P So upload them to YT, and use them from there. Also, you don't need to use your own server space on this way: It's all sored on the servers on YouTube. Saves server space + you can use way more videos than just yours :)

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I don't see a problem with this Embed thing.... and i think its going to be awesome . + for music , also from internet

imagine creating a server , and just adding url's to playlist , so when player joins the server he wont be downloading those songs to his PC , just listening via internet! that way you can add unlimited number of songs (URL's) + for videos , not to talk about vids , min video size is 10 mb ( lowest quality ) ....

I think you guys can do it :!:

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