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i wanna get vc:pc for one reason and one reason only, MTA. but i dont know how well it will run on my system. I have more than the recomended for every part except grahics card with dx9. I have a geforce2 mx400 64mb. does anyone know if it will run ok on that graphics card. i also dont want any lag or "choppy-ness". i have an amd athalon 2200+ 1.8ghz 266 mhz fsb, 512 ddr 2700 (333mhz), and a geforce2 mx400 64mb as i already said, will it just run, run decent, good, great, etc. any info would be great, thanks.

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I used to have that same card with 32mb and yes, there was choppiness if you wanted to run it at anything higher than 640x480.

Obviously, you have a fairly good system otherwise, so it may compensate enough for you to be satisfied, but it will be hard to tell at this point.

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I think you cant play VC in a lower resolution then 640x480.

Im playing ViceCity with an AMD Thunderbird 1000 Mhz with a Geforce MX, and its alright. I got 512 MB RAM (no DDR).

It is not the perfect system but it runs pretty good.

Your system is a lot better, so its gonna run good too.

BTW: i highly recommend to buy a better graphics card for your PC, you could probably get 40-50% more speed out of the system...

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i was really thinking of buying a new gfx card, but i decided to buy a whole new pc instead. my motherboard is only 4x and i wanna get a really good gfx card for upcoming games like doom3 and hl2. my power supply is shit and the fan stopped working so i had to take it apart and run a separate power cord just for the fan. my hd is only 20 gig which restricts me to only having 2 or 3 games at a time on it, so im just getting a new one.


AMD Athalon 2200+ 1.8 Ghz 266 FSB Processor

512 DDR 2700 Kingston Memory

Shuttle AK32A Motherboard

Purple Chieftec Dragon Case

Antec 250 watt Power Supply

NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 400 64 MB Graphics Card

Maxtor 19 GB Hard Drive

Acer 40x CD-ROM

4 80mm LED Case Fans

OCZ Dominator 2 CPU Fan


Intel Pentium IV 2.4 Ghz 800mhz FSB Processor

512 DDR 3200 Ultra Extreme Memory

DFI LAN Party Pro 875 Motherboard

Purple Chieftec Dragon Case

Powmax 500 watt Power Supply

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 256 MB Graphics Card

Seagate 120 GB Hard Drive

Artec 52x CD-RW

Artec 16x DVD-ROM

4 80mm Aerocool UV Light Case Fans

Aerocool Extreme CPU Fan


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i know, i really, REALLY, wanna stick with amd, but i need the faster speeds and faster fsb, which amd just doesnt have. im thinking of waiting for the 64 bit amd athalon which is coming out at the end of this month if im not mistaken. if it has faster speeds and fsb, at a reasonable price, ill buy it definatly. i wuv amd....but amd jus aint fast enough for the next gen games

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  • MTA Team
i know, i really, REALLY, wanna stick with amd, but i need the faster speeds and faster fsb, which amd just doesnt have. im thinking of waiting for the 64 bit amd athalon which is coming out at the end of this month if im not mistaken. if it has faster speeds and fsb, at a reasonable price, ill buy it definatly. i wuv amd....but amd jus aint fast enough for the next gen games

Do you realize what you are saying? They are definatly fast enough. And actually, an AMD 64 bit is a lot slower but since it is 64 bit it can run a lot faster as long as the application support 64 bit

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i agree the amd is more than capable for the job i've been with amd for 6 years my very first chip was the 450 and for playin the old faves like quake 2 and halflife when they were first released done the job fine, 2 years ago the 1.6 chip which was luvely jubbly and now have the XP3000+ 333mhz fsb Barton with 512 L2 cache and to be honest its a monster i love it and only the 64bit will pry may hands from it but really i suppose it comes down to personal choice some people have pentiums and love then and some hate them and sorry im with the haters AMD ALL THE WAY BABY

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Intel = Meh. :roll:

AMD roxors. I only have a Duron 1200, but it runs vice fine. In relation to the original topic, i see no reason why u shouldnt be able to run vice. easily. I run at 1024x768x32 with full draw distance and it runs at about 40 fps.

Duron 1200


Geforce4 mx420

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  • MTA Team

im Intel, but AMD rocks as well.. i recommend you buying an AMD, cause it's cheap and Intel is very expensive compared to AMD.

also, AMD specializes itself for games, Intel doesn't really.. if you wanna do videocapturing and -editing on your system.. don't buy an AMD processor, buy an Intel instead.. if you want to run games, i would say AMD..

don't go buy a 64-bit for alot more.. cause it's not really worth it.. if you got money :P buy yourself an Intel Dual Xeon or something..

the AMD Athlon XP/MP should do the job..

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i have an old P3 800, with a direct x 6 video card (matrox G450) and gta VC runs perfect (in 640x480)

although gta3 was a little choppy

anda bout the intel v amd thing, i don't think it really makes any difference for home computers, alrite, the fastest intel and the fastest amd chips may not be as good as each other in some aspects, but really, how many games/applications are there that actually need a processer that runs at 3ghz?

everyone i know has a computer thats less than 2ghz, most around 1000-1300mhz, and most of them run games perfect, even my friends old P3 500 with a geforce 2 runs VC and gta3 fine, i also think its the video card that makes the biggest difference, i'm almost certain if i put a new raedon card in my with its super snazzy dx 9 support, this computer would any game i throw at it out today at reasonable speed

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I would like to say that I own a computer retailer/manufacturer and most of you would be amazed at the importance of a good video card. You will see VERY lottle framerate difference betwenn a Duron 1GHz, and an XP3200 equiped with the same vido cards. Clock speed is not of much importance at all in gaming really (to a reasonable extent). FSB is very important, and so is RAM. I personally wouldn't game at anything less that 512MB of DDR 266. A great budget card is the Radeon 8500LE. If you are an nvidia fan, go with the GeForce4 Ti4200. They are extremely overclockable. If you can afford it, go with the Radeon 9500pro/9600 128MB. These cards are an awsome buy and have DX9 support for next-gen games such as HL2 and DoomIII. If you have a $100 and have anything more than a 1GHz processor, spend your money on a new video card or some more ram depending on what you need more.

I know it's a little off topic, and common knowlege to more seasoned users, but I thought it might help somebody.

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Hi Dudes!

Got an ASRock K7VM2 with 512Mb DD-Ram @266MHz with a latency of 2.0. There was an AMD Duron 1.3GHz on it, and a GeForce4 MX440 and I could play in 1024/768/32 very well, with 1/3 of draw distance.

Now, I changed into XP1900+ and GeForce4 Ti4200 and setted in full draw distance! :D

GeForce 2MX and 4MX GPU´s are totally the same!!!

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heh, i love it a P3 499 (thought that would be a 500? tho?)

and runs gta fine, i know this will start an argument, but i'd like to see the old Amd k6/2 500 chip run gta3..

i know my 800 is old, but i just want to get a new video card for it one of the new matrox P series (for th dualhead)

Old PC's all the way! don't give in to new pc-ness! :P

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but i just want to get a new video card for it one of the new matrox P series (for th dualhead)

The Parhelia-512 is of current, a novelty. I had one, 3 monitors at 800 x 600 is nothing to write home about. Surround gaming? Gah!

If you are a 2D designer, the 10bit gigacolor technology is definately a plus as color reproduction is one up on almost every other card out there.

The dollar/performance for ANY matrox card is crap though. If all you want is dualhead, even the most basic cards support it. Most games don't though, and the ones that do, gah again. in FPS's the crosshair is the middle of the screen, crap again.

The only thing I could see you needing a P series card would be for dual dvi. Even then there are other solutions.

I'm not flaming, just educating.

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I doubt i could ever afford the Parhelia card, i have a g450, and i think my main reason i'd like a new one is because i've had no difficulties with it, i've used 2 video cards before and the second one always seemed to have some sort of performance issues...

Does the radeon ones support true dualhead under windows 2000/xp, thats my other main reason for wanting a matrox one as from what i can tell they don't, u know seperate resolutions and refresh rates for each monitor

(do any other ones support 3d acceleration on both a well, i'm curious as i can never seem to find any clear details anywhere on these things)

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The thing with 3d accel on multiple monitors is that manufacturers really don't see the need to support it on two monitros for the reasons I stated above. Matrox does, because of it's tripple monitor support. All recent cards from ATI and nvidia feature true MM support. you will only get a start bar accross one monitor though. You can have different resolutions/refresh rates as well. Just know that you cannot view media in the second sdisplay because of the way Msoft has designed windows MM support. Some call it a big, I call it complete BS. For this reason you cannot view a game over 2 monitors using standard drivers. there are 3rd party programs for this though, but I can't think of any offhand.

There is always the possibility of writing your own driver/app as well. It is actually much simpler than you may think.

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