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Searching nice restaurant map


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*reading sig*

your to lazy to make a simple map but you have plenty of time for all kinds of scripting?

pfff, although the 'extra big' kitchen thing gave me some inspiration to make new maps :D

i remember that gigantic house mod i used to have for gta sa,it was awesome until i got stuck in the furnace :roll:

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well, i think ppl are divided into 2 groups: scripters, and mappers (oh, and there are self-called-scripters-but-they-suck-steal-or-whatever and self-called-mappers-that-only-can-make-two-loops-but-they-this-they-rule ppl too).

this guy is just like me: i can make very good scripts, but i suck when it goes for mapping.

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well, i think ppl are divided into 2 groups: scripters, and mappers

I would say 3 groups; scripters, mappers and modellers :P

Drake if you learned how to create your own DFF/COL/TXDs then you could easily reproduce your 'Ratatouille restaurant' in as little or as much detail as you like, without needing to rely on existing GTA objects to do it. But that would really need to be something you do, rather than expecting someone else to do it for you.

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Indeed, there is no need for him to learn, but if he did, it would afford him far greater flexibility than mapping could ever provide. You can create your own content exactly the way you want it, not having to cobble together bits and pieces of GTA's content to make a rough approximation of what you want.

Besides, what he's talking about is a little different to your anti-air battery. He would need to find an empty interior resembling a restaurant, individual table and chair objects etc. He may not be able to get it to look the way he wants.

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Ye I agree with you. Ofcourse you can reach alot more with a Moddeler Program. But I tried to say you can go real far by mapping. Ofcourse you can't make the same chairs and all that... but you got lots of possibilities. Anyway it's wasn't only the anti-air tank. I was also talking about the rest of the map :) like those things where the rockets come from. If you know the real map you would know what I mean.

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