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[MTA 1.1 PRE REL] Skateboarding BETA


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MTA SA 1.1

Hi everybody , i make skateboarding in mta 1.1 if you have some idea about tricks etc. write it here.

I have 5-15 skater anims, and soon i make TONY HAWK skin but this all available in version 1.1 hehe.

Do not believe me? Hm prove it?


IF you want help me with it give me some anims, skateboard sounds or idea or skin (rodney mullen, ryan sheckler etc.)

Greetz, drake989 aka guyfromuk

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even if its the same it still has to been converted to LUA, so maybe not the idea is his, but its sure his work.

i like it, see if you can improve the script :D

My point is that it doesn't even seem like he did that. It still has that odd stretch/twitch bug which probably wouldn't be there if he had actually converted it. Plus, realize that it's filmed on Paradise Roleplay. Which uses mabako's gamemode. No matter where it's called, servers running mabako's gamemode produce a textdraw when an animation is set (and here's proof it does it on Paradise). There's no other logical way to set an animation besides the game doing it itself, which it doesn't on it's own in this case. Therefore it would be a mod

It's not trolling when it's this obvious.


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