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Fun-Parks-Auto-Scooter/High Roler/Scoada-Park

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Hi all,admins,mods and new users,i am new too here,but....i play MTA and SA:MP 5 years.I have something realistic here,and that is Fun scooter,lunapark,bumper cars......

You can see all my videos on youtube,i will send ya link....

I creating new one map,and you will be able to see it soon......

If you want that me....

My nick is damstuntera


Luna Park Scoada


That's it,post comment on maps.....i hope you like it ;)

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i dont get these videos..

is this a slideshow of map making progress?

this is some rly weird stuff..

also it will be better just to post 20 images than making a video from images, putting weird music made from five 5-sec-long loops, forcing me to watch > 4 minutes on each slideshow..

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tbh i only like the first one, the other 2 look messy and dont give a real sense your in an attraction park.

and why the hell use cars as objects?!

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well,dude,cars are werry importmant,search Auto Scooter,or Luna Park Cassagrande and you will see......

I love all my parks,my,i will show ya the creation of luna park

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i was more thinking about the packer my friend, you just stucked it between some objects! what the hell is the use of that?

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You should record a video, not to take screenshots. It looks a bit awful.

Off-Topic: Jeremay you should get some relaxant. You are stressed or what the hell? Maybe you're a kid ^^

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