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GTA3:MTA Quick-Play Guide


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Previously only available in #mta-servers.

How to get playing in GTA3MTA

First please make sure you have updated GTA3 to version 1.1, and have a clean install (No mods or addons, extra cars etc)

1] run launcher.exe (start/programs/MTA/ GTA Launcher)

2] In the launcher select the option 'GTA3 MTA'

3] In GTA3 hit 'start game, start multitheft auto'.

4] wait for game to load. When you see the credits rolling ALT-TAB and you will see an mta window is running

5] Delete the default ip shown, replace it with an ip from #mta-servers.

6] Type in your game name. (it is recommended you leave connection speed at 14k)

7] Hit 'Connect To Server'. When you get the 'ping recieved' message you are connected

(note: sometimes it is recommended to wait 60 seconds or so to let the connection 'settle' before commencing play, especially with a dialup connection, if the orange 'led' stops flashing simply disconnect/connect)

8] Select 'Send Game Request.

9] ALT-TAB back to gta3 and play :)


Do NOT carjack another player. This will desync you both and you may end up having to restart.

If the game gets exceptionally buggy or laggy then disconnect/reconnect to the server. You may also have to start gta3(MTA) again to prevent 'ghosts' (players who show on map but are actually no longer connected to the server)

Remember to ALT-TAB to mta and use /in to talk to the people on the server.. /in Who wants to race? MEET at mafia house ..For example.

02/07/03 MrBump

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