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the mta team must have their own reasons for not accepting donation, i imagine it would be a pain in the ass figuring out who gets what, plus i think they operate at low-zero cost.

well, to be real here, id have to say, all id take is a copy of visual C++ which costs some odd

amount of money, other then that....it should be free (hosting is free, ect ect)

unless cray used borland compiler or something of that freeware nature.

but dont ask me, mind naming any expenses? :P

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the less cost it is to them to fund MTA, the more profit they recieve :roll:

its a shame, i personally only bought vice city for MTA, if it wasnt for that i would of just finished it at my friends house and never see it again

bumpybumpy :lol:

seems its only Rockstar that gets the profit :P

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when i had my own online game, i accepted donations, and i stated up front, that if you donated, you would get a specific reward, and you could do whatever the hell you wanted with that reward in the context of the game.

made it easy, since if someone donated, they knew what they were getting.

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It is a number of issues:

1) We don't want people donating and think we have some obligation to help. This WILL happen, and we don't have the time to put up with it.

2) We don't want arguments within the team.

3) Currently, if we need a piece of software, there are two sources: Get it from a sponsored source (MS Visual C++ 2005 is free for a year, by the way) like a school (I get my copy from my university for free), or get it from the retailer. If it's the second option, we all pitch in to donate money to one of the team members who makes the purchase.

4) We aren't exactly sure of any legal consequences that may exist regarding receiving capital as "donation money" when we are a group which creates software based on reverse engineering another piece of software, which is explicitly forbidden in Rockstar's EULA.

5) We don't like wasting time thinking about these consequences (much like what this whole response is doing) when we could be focusing on getting something out the door.


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1. I have GTA with no-cd crack

2. My friend too.

3. I have a cd, he does not.

4. He &@!? Up his GTA

5. May i give him my cd to install GTA?


I honestly doubt that even R* would give a phuck... :P

... but I guess, technically not.

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